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Why a Woman Mentor?

Women who have a mentor are so much more successful in their personal and professional life.

Here’s what’s interesting… apparently men naturally mentor one another but women don’t tend to do this in the workplace.  Perhaps it’s because of all the time we’re already giving for free and we’re running on empty! I can relate to that.

However, it’s been found that having a mentor is necessary to not only help us succeed, but it has an immense benefit for our own emotional well-being.

If a woman is happy, then her family will be happy as well. Women tend to shine their positive energy outward, and often unwittingly, create an environment of success.

So mentoring women actually causes a major positive domino effect in society!

Did you Know that...

Women who work full time are behind men by 14% – 21% in average weekly earnings, despite the fact that women out-number men at almost every educational level in most countries. (; World Economic Forum report 2018) 

But hey, this isn’t about a war against the establishment – it’s about actively supporting and encouraging women to be all they want to be – professionally and personally.

Woman Mentor- Mother and Daughter
Karyn with her girl, Katie

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Rated 5 out of 5

Amanda Gore
Business | Career | Corporate | Entrepreneur | Personal Growth

Amandahall-of-fame global speaker will help you speak confidently & create deep lasting changes in any relationship – your audience, clients, family, partner….

Rated 5 out of 5

Heidi Luchterhand
Business | Leadership | Creative | Career

Heidi is a salon owner, skilled communicator and team motivator. She’ll ‘sort out your staff,’ one-on-one, or guide you to deal with difficult team situations…

Rated 5 out of 5

Dr Tracy Stanley
Business | Career | Entrepreneur | Corporate| Leadership

Social Scientist, published author & speaker, Tracy offers multi-national experience in business growth strategy, organisational change and employee engagement… 

Rated 5 out of 5

Michelle Scheibner
Business | Entrepreneur | Career | Corporate | Marketing | Creative

Michelle’s Identity Strategy using her neuroscience skills is an absolute game-changer for how you stand out in a very crowded marketplace. Find your unique story now…