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Why Extreme Emotions in Menopause?

by Gina Mitchell

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We are conditioned to expect extreme emotions in menopause – but why, exactly, do we? And can we do anything about them? 

So, you’ve reached midlife and you are either experiencing peri-menopause or menopause. It can be a crazy time of life because it feels like everything changes… and it does.

Think about it. You have been programmed by your hormones from puberty until menopause and these hormones have a really huge impact on your behaviour and decisions in life. 

Biologically, they are there to help continue the species. We are programmed to want to have sex, reproduce and nurture our young, our families and even our communities. This is a huge job! In humans, unlike other species, this takes up a huge part of our lives, in particular, for women. As humans are now the dominant species on the planet, it has been a most successful biological strategy.

But where does this leave midlife women?

Once this hormonal programming wears off at menopause, what happens?

Extreme Emotions in Menopause

In The Wisdom of Menopause, renowned author Dr Christiane Northrup (gynaecologist/obstetrician) says that once our hormonal programming wears off, there are a raft of emotions that come up. These are emotions that have not been dealt with since childhood – hiding underneath the hormonal programming. And now they’ve been laid bare ready for healing.

These old emotions have been masked by our hormonal programming since puberty, but once the ‘hormonal veil’ has lifted, these old unresolved emotions can wreak havoc. It’s no wonder women feel so emotional at menopause and often think they’re going crazy.

Even with the most idyllic childhood, there will be wounds and negative emotions. Our parents did the best they could with what they knew and the tools they had. And it’s not just our parents, it’s also our schooling, church, community and other people that influenced us as children. 

A lot of it could have been positive, but not always. 

The following four issues contribute to our menopause journey. You might not tick every box but I’m sure you’ll identify with at least one.

1. Feelings of 'Not Good Enough'

Many women suffer from trauma of some kind or another during childhood. The thing is that most of it is stored in our unconscious. We don’t even know we have these issues. Once menopause hits, these issues can raise their ugly heads as depression, anxiety, and feelings of not being good enough. 

2. You Want Different Things Now

Women at midlife want different things to what they wanted when they were younger. The thing is… they often don’t know what it is they want.

3. You Work, Clean and Care

Women usually do the lion’s share of the child rearing, house chores and looking after family, and at the same time, women also tend to work full time jobs. 

4. You're Often Last on the List

Women tend to do everything for everyone else first and leave nothing in the tank for themselves. This leaves them burned out and unfulfilled and begging the question ‘what about me?’

Chronic Stress Makes it Worse

This leads to chronic stress which makes menopause symptoms so much worse.

These are the reasons that getting help to resolve old emotions and limiting beliefs during midlife and menopause is so important. This means that healing can be done which cleans the slate and creates space for designing a life that will serve you. 

This helps you get back into the driver’s seat of your life.

Is that what you need right now?

Finding the right coach with all the credentials and experience in working with women like you is SO important at this point.

Seek Support to:

  1. Deal with any of the old unresolved emotions and limiting beliefs from childhood

  2. Help get you some relief for the menopause symptoms

  3. Discover what it is YOU want for this stage of your life and put you back in the driver’s seat of your life

  4. Identify your values, putting in boundaries and finding your purpose

  5. Redesign your life so it reflects what you want for yourself at this stage of life so you can be happy and peaceful

By making these changes in your life you can live with freedom, happiness and joy?

You're Not Alone!

Just remember, you’re not alone. With an ever-growing directory of successful, passionate female mentors you can rest assured that you will find the help and guidance you need to achieve your personal and business goals.

Ready to set yourself up so you can live a life truly aligned with your values.

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