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Whether you are advancing your career, growing a business or just feeling a little lost, our mentor and coach directory for women is here to help you! 

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Find expert life, personal growth, business, leadership, finance… the list goes on! Browse our directory of mentors and coaches for the right one for you. 

Michelle Mann

Art & Spirit Business Coaching

Need clarity for your business journey? Intuitive business coaching via readings, numerology & art therapy.

Art Therapist
Intuitive Coach

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Natalie Tolhopf

Natalie Tolhopf Business Coaching

Cultivate powerful self-belief, become confident to sell, simple & successfully

Business Owner
Business Strategist
Mindset/Personal Growth

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Amanda Gore

Speaking & Mindset Coach

Public Speaking Coach, Personal Growth Mentor. Find Your Voice (and yourself)!

Life Coach
NLP Practitioner
Speaking Coach

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Michelle Scheibner

Personal Brand Strategist

Find the path to your personal brand story. Identity Coach, Speaker, Author, Activator.

Branding Coach
Career Coach
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Marketing Executive
Personal Brand Strategist
Professional Speaker

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Anne Wicking

CEO Mentor

A CEO for 16yrs, including Board & Consulting, I help you lean into your authentic leadership.

Board Advisor

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Malise Banks

Boost of Joy

Work with your mind combined with intuitive heart-based truth & intervention.

Intuitive Coach
Life Coach
Mindset/Personal Growth
NLP Practitioner

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Rebecca Bradford Green

RBG Coaching

Reignite your career! Discover purpose & meaning to thrive in your professional life.

Career Coach
Life Coach
Mindset/Personal Growth

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Melissa Meagher

The Rebel Money Coach

Ready to clear your money blocks, become empowered & gain control of your money?

Finance Mentor

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Mentoring and Coaching For Your Future

Why Do You Need A Woman Mentor or Coach?

Having a female coach or mentor who has been where you are is invaluable. You can traverse through the endless challenges, opportunities and pitfalls of life with the assurance of a valuable sounding board. Reach your goals and realise your full potential with a female mentor or coach by your side!

Our directory of female mentors and coaches are seasoned professionals who have “been there, done that”. They are women who have already walked the path before you and know how to deal with difficult situations – because they themselves have been there before!


Boost Your Confidence

With the help of a mentor or coach, more women can find the strength and courage they need to achieve their goals. 

Whether it is the ability to share your ideas comfortable or stand up for yourself in a challenging situation, confidence is key to success

They will challenge your thinking, so you can identify any self-limiting beliefs which are holding you back from achieving your full potential!

Improve Your Self Awareness

Self-awareness is an essential quality when it comes to personal and professional growth and development.

It’s the ability to see how your actions and thoughts impact your goals and the environment around you.

Through their observations and questions, a coach can help women understand their triggers, negative thought patterns and limiting behaviours and live a happier life.

Gain New Ways Of Thinking

The coaching process exposes new ideas which can help to challenge your current ways of thinking and problem-solving.

This is an essential part of growth as it allows you to see the world through a different lens and develop fresh perspectives which can be applied in both personal and professional life!

A mentor or coach helps women to see the world differently and develop creative solutions to problems that may have seemed impossible before! 

Receive Qualified Feedback

No matter how difficult it is to hear, feedback is essential to learning and growth. However, this is something women do not often receive, leaving them stuck in old and unhelpful habits.

A coach can provide women with transparent and honest feedback to help them move forward in their life and career!

From discussing problems to developing new strategies and action plans, your mentor will help you to overcome any obstacle in your way.

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Leading Female Mentors

Ruffle is the #1 mentor and coach directory dedicated to inspiring women. With our online directory, we connect ambitious women like you with talented, passionate female mentors & coaches to help you live the life you deserve.

We’re on a mission to make it easy for talented females to find a coach business coach. And create an equal playing field for women in business! 

 Find mentoring and coaching programs from leading women here now.

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