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Coaching & Mentoring For Female-Led Business

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Starting, growing and running a business as a woman can be complex since we’re often juggling personal responsibilities as well.

The benefit of mentorship or coaching from other successful businesswomen is huge! 

Ruffle is a growing online directory that helps you easily find the right business coach or mentor for you.  These women are truly passionate about helping you succeed.

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Growing your business takes hard work and determination and you’re wise not to go it alone! 

Finding the right business coach or mentor who is dedicated to helping you get results will make all the difference.   

Melissa Meagher

The Rebel Money Coach

Are you ready to clear your money blocks, become empowered & gain control of your money?

Finance Mentor

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Dr Tracy Stanley

Business, Executive Coach

I assist you in positive organisational change, employee engagement, & creating an engaging life!

Business Strategist
Executive Coach
Social Scientist

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Amanda Gore

Speaking & Mindset Coach

Public Speaking Coach, Personal Growth Mentor. Amanda offers 1:1 speaking and mindset mentoring.

Life Coach
NLP Practitioner
Speaking Coach

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Michelle Scheibner

Personal Brand Strategist

Find the path to your personal brand story. Identity Coach, Speaker, Author, Activator.

Branding Coach
Career Coach
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Marketing Executive
Personal Brand Strategist
Professional Speaker

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Anne Wicking

Pivot Life

A CEO for 16yrs, including Board & Consulting, I help you lean into your authentic leadership.

Board Advisor

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Hayley Mayer

Innerspace Counselling

I help you achieve positive psychology in relationships, grief, depression, anxiety and much more...

Life Coach

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Anna Lane

Career & Mindset Coach

I help both teens and young women. Claim the career & lifestyle you truly desire.

Career Coach
Life Coach

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Karyn Lynch

Karyn Lynch Business Coaching

Are you an established business ready to grow your business and get clear on your vision, goals, marketing, pricing, sales, or profit?

Business Strategist
Professional Speaker
Finance Mentor

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Not Just A Business Coach or Mentor, But A Partner

One-on-one business coaching provides personalised support to help you make your business dreams and goals a reality.  If you are serious about growing your business, find your business coach in the Ruffle directory today!

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Business Coaches and Mentors For Women

Your Business Coach is Right Here.

As a woman in business, it can feel like we have a lot of challenges! Sometimes, it’s at our lowest point that we are driven to take that one step forward into something new and exciting.  Business coaching sessions stop us feeling isolated and overwhelmed. 

Is it time to overcome your fears and get help to steer your business in the right direction?

Improve Communication Skills

Running your business involves much more than numbers and marketing. Communication, with employees, clients or investors are critical to the success and life of your business. 

Unfortunately, effective communication skills do not come naturally. Shyness, self-confidence, and feelings of inferiority can hinder our ability to communicate effectively.

Finding the best business coach or mentor can help you overcome these obstacles and take your business to the next level.

How great will that feel? 

Better Decision Making

Every woman business owner has experienced the pressure of making a choice that could have the most beneficial outcome for their business. Or not!

While staying true to your original vision and goals are important, recognising when changes need to be made is also essential. 

In this case, a business coach or mentor is invaluable in their support by offering an unbiased and objective perspective.

Sometimes, decisions are easier if we have a variety of perspectives to consider. Things we hadn’t thought of because we are so busy running our business!

Feel Motivated

No matter how successful you are in your business, there will always be setbacks. It’s normal! This is part of the process and one that every single entrepreneur will experience during their journey.

However, sometimes it can difficult to get back on track when things aren’t going according to plan. Your business coach will understand!

Having a business coach or mentor by your side helps keep you motivated and inspired. Yes, they are your support system through all obstacles that you face.

Insider Knowledge & Expertise

Your business coach or mentor will understand your situation and help you grow your company.

With their expertise and experience, they will provide advice that only comes from someone who truly knows where you’re at and can speak from personal experience.

This will allow you to get the most from your business coaching or mentorship, discuss any concerns you have, and get strategic advice on how to overcome your challenges and get results.

Looking For More Guidance?

Marketing Coach

Gain fresh insight & grow your sales or career.


Achieve your goals and feel fulfilled with your life.

Finance Mentor

Feel great about money and your finances.

Growth Mentor

Journey to greater personal development.

Leadership Mentor

Learn to realise your leadership potential and authentiity.

Coaching and Mentoring For Your Business

Start Your Journey Now

You deserve it! Ruffle is all about helping advance women-owned businesses.  Having expertise in the business field, you’ll find the best coaches and mentors here who are genuine about wanting your business to grow!

Your business coach or mentor is dedicated to you and your business by helping you implement changes that will give you the competitive edge you need!

Advance your business in the right direction, start your journey now and connect with a business coach  today!

Business coach Mentor FAQs

Learn More About Business Coaching Programs and Mentorships

Are you looking for a business growth coach or mentor? We have answered some frequently asked questions about coaching and mentorship relationships.

There are many benefits when taking part in a business coaching or mentoring program. Your business coach can provide wise guidance and encouraging support  as you pursue your business goals. A business coach will help you gain new business skills and knowledge, improve your KPI’s and performance, and make progress toward your long-term vision and goals. They will immediately identify areas of improvement and help develop a step-by-step action plan to get the great results you need. Lastly, a business coach or mentor is right there at your side when you feel overwhelmed or discouraged. This happens to us all!

Ruffle Mentoring is a growing directory that helps connect women like you with leading female business coaches and mentors who have proven experience and expertise. Ruffle is committed to providing a place that helps women connect with business coaches and mentors who can help them advance their business and live the life of their dreams!

Yes! Ruffle has a growing directory of business coaches and mentors available, all with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. They will help you with anything from developing your business strategy to improving your leadership, sales, marketing, and communication strategies.

Connect with your new business coach or mentor today!

Ruffle offers a simple and straightforward connection process. Simply search for business coaches or mentors that match your goals, view their profile, and connect. 

Yes! We are always looking for leading female business coaches and mentors to join our directory. If you are interested in joining our directory, please fill out our form and we will be in touch!