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We understand how searching for money or finance coaches and mentors is such vast, complicated and emotional subject! This is why it can feel very frustrating, so we want to help you find the money coach that’s right for you.

Whether you need to develop financial strategies, change your money mindset, or make a positive change to your bank balance…

You will find an experienced money mentor or coach to help you right here!

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We have coaches here who are dedicated to helping you get the best result with your finances and achieve your money goals!

We have included some coaches and mentors here who can help you with finances in many ways – such as setting career goals, increasing business sales in your business, upping the game on your branding or letting go of the financial psychology that’s holding you back.

Take a look through and select the best coach to help you drive success in your financial future. 

How good will it feel to be on track with your financials? 

Melissa Meagher

The Rebel Money Coach

Ready to clear your money blocks, become empowered & gain control of your money?

Finance Mentor

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Karyn Lynch

CEO Ruffle Mentoring

Find your voice in your coaching business, from marketing to speaking!

Business Strategist
Professional Speaker
Finance Mentor

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You Can Create Long Term Financial Change

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for a finance mentor or coach for your personal branding or your business finances.  You need a plan of action and  encouraging support to create long-term change. You’ve come to the right place, because we make it easy for you to find your perfect finance mentor or coach.

We are a growing platform that includes expert finance mentors and coaches who can bring clarity and confidence to your financial choices today.

Certainly with their years of financial experience, our personal finance mentors and business coaches work to empower women like you. Is it time to take control and grow your finances? They can provide you with the positive financial mindset and skills to create long-lasting habits with money.  Sound good?

Hello financial independence!


Create the financial future you want

One-on-one financial mentorship and coaching provides personalised support to help women make their dreams and wealth goals a reality.  So, if you are looking to create a healthy financial future for yourself, the mentors and coaches here are your number one supporters and partners!

Reach your money goals

Is Personal Finance Mentoring or Coaching For You?

In today’s world, many people are now looking to improve their financial knowledge and skills. That’s why financial and money coaching is a sought-after way to change and empower you with financial knowledge.

Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet or want a fresh start, working with a personal financial wellness mentor or coach can help you get to the heart of your money challenges. All the while, your mentor or coach will guide and encourage you on the path to financial well-being.

You’ll be surprised how much coaching can help you manage your money better, save more, eliminate debt and accelerate your financial goals! Also, you can be at any stage with your finances and benefit from the guidance and expertise of a financial coach.

Get Clarity

Sometimes financial life is tricky. Now, we all want help to make better decisions with money, but it’s hard to know in what direction to go for the best results.

This is where your mentor or coach comes in. 

By understanding your spending habits, values, and the emotional components of dealing with money, a mentor/coach can provide clarity so you know exactly what to do next.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about the money or our bank balance, it’s also about clarity of thought and understanding why we act in certain ways when it comes to money. This is a biggie!

With this knowledge, your mentor/coach can guide you to take action that will help you gain financial freedom and live life on your terms.

Sound good?

Improved Spending Habits

We have a lot of emotion tied up in our money habits. Guilt, for one!

This can have an impact on our health, wealth, and happiness, as these all result from our habits. With the right guidance and support, you can make positive financial change.

Money Mindset

Having a plan of action is only half the battle. Discovering your money mindset can be so powerful! Add expert strategy & you will achieve financial success. Our subconscious behaviour, also known as our money mindset, can have a massive impact on our financial freedom. Good or bad, we all have a ‘money mindset.’ A good financial coach will also help you clear your money mindset barriers. Financial freedom here you come!

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Find Financial Success Today

Many women have been conditioned to believe that we don’t do finances, even though we have what it takes to be successful with money! We all deserve expert guidance from someone who understands us.

This is why having a female finance coach is so important.  So whether you are looking to save more, pay off debt, start investing or find personal freedom with money – get ready to achieve your financial goals!

Personal Finance Mentor FAQs

Learn More About Finance Mentoring or Coaching

Are you looking for a personal finance mentor or coach? We have answered some frequently asked questions about mentorship relationships.

A finance mentor/coach can offer a number of benefits to those seeking to improve their financial literacy, understanding and freedom. By providing guidance on a number of financial topics, they are able to provide fresh perspectives and support during difficult financial decisions.

Ruffle Mentoring is a directory that helps connect women with leading female mentors and coaches who have the experience and expertise they are seeking. In addition, we are committed to providing a safe space that allows women access to  mentors and coaches to help them achieve their goals.

Ruffle offers a simple and straightforward connection process. Simply use the search function to look for a coach or mentor that matches your goals, view their profile, socials or website and connect with them directly. Too easy!

Many offer a discovery call so you can see if they’re a good fit before you proceed – no strings attached! 

Yes! We are always looking for leading female mentors and coaches to join our directory. If you are interested in joining, please fill out our form and we will be in touch!