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Do you want to understand how you can move forward financially, gain some financial education or simply learn how to stop living from pay check to pay check?

Money and finance are vast and complicated subjects with many of us struggling to understand the finer points of money management. Of course, this can be frustrating, especially when it comes time to put our knowledge to work and make financial decisions! Finance mentors can help you make the most of your cashflow.

For many people, the best way to learn is through mentoring and coaching. With years of personal experience, personal finance mentors work to empower people to take control of their finances and provide them with the skills they need to create long-lasting habits when it comes to money.

If you are looking to create a plan of action, full support and accountability to create long-term change, then the mentors at Ruffle Mentoring are for you. With a diverse selection of online mentors, you can find an expert mentor that can bring clarity and confidence to your financial choices today.

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Get the help and support you need to fast-track your goals, stay focused and create the financial future you want. With finance mentorships from successful, like-minded women you can access a variety of different financial strategies allowing you to learn from the best of the best!

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“It was the success of my first business that literally pushed me into the limelight.

Although I was fiercely goal-oriented at the time, becoming a speaker and coach was totally unplanned, but I gave it my all and learned to go with the flow and say yes to the requests.

I learned to accept what life offered me and take action on the business ideas that woke me in the night. Some worked, some didn’t, and even though they’ve led me down a hugely varied and exciting entrepreneurial path.

Each business I have founded has had one thing in common – they empower people – and Ruffle is no exception.

I want Ruffle to help you find the confidence to stand strong as a woman, earn a great income, and feel proud of yourself in your business knowing you’re on the right path.

Because for me, this is where true freedom is.”

Are you a start-up or an established business needing to get clear on your vision? Or maybe you need sound business strategy around your marketing, pricing, sales, or profit? 

Then Karyn is the mentor for you.

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Rated 5 out of 5

Sarah-Jane is the sole owner and director of ATech, an international award-winning technology company providing cloud hosting and web development to large corporations, government and software companies.

Juggling single motherhood and career, Sarah-Jane has grown her company from zero to a thriving profitable business with million-dollar revenues, ATech’s high caliber clientele includes Virgin Australia, Seqwater, The Cook Islands, The South Australian Government, Public Safety Business Agency, Brisbane City Council, and Telstra.

As an industry speaker on the topics of entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, and leadership in male dominated industries, Sarah-Jane has built extensive commercial networks and established a solid reputation.

Super-skilled at uncovering insights in your business, Sarah-Jane is passionate about empowering women like you to find the best within yourself by working with her key strategies of Focus, Belief, Education & Dedication.

Angel Investor
Commercial Valuer
Managing Director
Web Developer
Business Strategist

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One-on-one Online Finance Mentorship

Create the financial future you want

One-on-one financial mentorship and coaching provides personalised support to help women make their dreams and wealth goals a reality.  If you are looking to create a healthy financial future for yourself, the mentors from Ruffle Mentoring are your number one supporters and partners!

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Is Personal Finance Mentoring For You?

In today’s world, many people are looking to improve their financial knowledge and skills. Financial and money coaching is a new way to change and empower you with financial knowledge.

Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet or simply want a fresh start, working with a personal financial wellness coach can help you get to the heart of your money while guiding and encouraging you on the path to financial well being.

Mentoring can help you learn to manage your money better, save more, eliminate debt and accelerate your financial goals! You can be at any stage with your finances and benefit from the guidance and expertise of a financial coach.

Get Clarity

Sometimes financial life is tricky. We all want help to make better decisions with money, but it’s hard to know in what direction to go for the best results. This is where a mentor comes in. By understanding your spending habits, values and the emotional components of dealing with money, a mentor can provide clarity so you know what to do next.

It’s not just about the money or your bank balance, it’s also about clarity of thought and understanding why you act in certain ways when it comes to money. With this knowledge, mentors can guide you to take action that will help you gain financial freedom and live life on your terms.

Improved Spending Habits

Do you find yourself spending too much money, on the wrong things and feeling guilty as a result?

Our health, wealth and happiness all result from our habits. With guidance and support, your mentor can help develop new spending habits specific to your goals and values.

Consistent Results

Having a plan of action is only half the battle. Consistency and sticking to your strategy is the key to financial success. Not only does a financial coach help you create a plan, but they can also help you stay on track and keep you accountable to your goals – you are encouraged to maintain focus and continue to take action towards your financial goals.

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Many of us have been conditioned to believe that we can’t be trusted with our finances, even though we know what it takes to be successful with money. We all deserve a fresh start and guidance from someone who understands our financial struggles.

Our finance mentors have walked in your shoes – they know how difficult it is to build up the courage to take control of your life, even when you want to. Whether you are looking to save more, pay off debt, start investing or find personal freedom with money, Ruffle Mentoring can help.

Ruffle mentoring is a comprehensive online platform that virtually connects mentors and mentees from all walks of life. You have access to a large selection of proven mentors, each one specialising in different areas including goal setting, budgeting, investing and much more.

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