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Growing our business or career these days has become so complex! The fact that you’re here means you understand how essential it is to find the best marketing coach or mentor, right?  So, whether you’re wanting to improve your personal branding, attract more clients, or increase sales, you need a marketing  coach or mentor that’s right for you.

No more wasting time and effort on marketing or branding tactics that are short-lived. We know how it feels! It’s time to take control of your marketing and branding so you can launch, scale, and grow your business or career.

Browse our growing directory of women who are the BEST marketing and personal branding coach’s or mentor’s right here!

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Are you ready to attract your perfect client, advance your career or grow your sales?

We have vetted each coach or mentor personally. These women are dedicated to helping you get the best result with your marketing and branding!

We have included some coaches and mentors here who can help you with marketing in many ways – such as writing a great resume, attracting clients in your business, increasing sales, evaluating your personal branding and identity, positioning your speaking gigs, or understanding the psychology that will drive you forward.

Take a look through these women who are leaders in their field.  Select the best coach or mentor to help you drive success in your marketing future. 

How good will it feel to achieve your marketing goals and get amazing results? 

Your time is NOW.

Lois Weinblatt

True North Visionaries

I help driven leaders get clarity - what do you truly want for the next stage of your life & career?

Life Coach
Mindset/Personal Growth
Professional Speaker
Workshop Facilitator

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Catherine Wood

Life Renewal

I help you improve how you respond to stress using evidence-based techniques in neuroscience.

Career Coach
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Mindset/Personal Growth

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Zoe Westcott

Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy

Break free from addiction, anxiety, past trauma, or habits that stop you living the life you want!

Life Coach
Mindset/Personal Growth
Rapid Transformational Therapy

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Melissa Meagher

The Rebel Money Coach

Ready to clear your money blocks, become empowered & gain control of your money?

Finance Mentor

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Dr Tracy Stanley

Business, Executive Coach

Create positive organisational change, employee engagement, & an engaging life!

Business Strategist
Executive Coach
Social Scientist

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Amanda Gore

Speaking & Mindset Coach

Public Speaking Coach, Personal Growth Mentor. Find Your Voice (and yourself)!

Life Coach
NLP Practitioner
Speaking Coach

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Michelle Scheibner

Personal Brand Strategist

Find the path to your personal brand story. Identity Coach, Speaker, Author, Activator.

Branding Coach
Career Coach
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Marketing Executive
Personal Brand Strategist
Professional Speaker

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Anne Wicking

Pivot Life

A CEO for 16yrs, including Board & Consulting, I help you lean into your authentic leadership.

Board Advisor

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Hayley Mayer

Innerspace Counselling

I help you achieve positive psychology in relationships, grief, depression, anxiety & more...

Life Coach
Mindset/Personal Growth

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Anna Lane

Career & Mindset Coach

I help both teens and young women. Claim the career & lifestyle you truly desire.

Career Coach
Life Coach

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One-on-one Marketing Mentorship and Coaching

Your Dedicated Marketing and Personal Branding Coach or Mentor - At Your Fingertips

Get the support you need to break through barriers and reach new heights. With marketing and branding coaching and mentoring tailored to meet your needs, you are put on the fast-track to success!

Marketing Coaching For Your Business

Why You Need A Marketing & Branding Coach or Mentor

Do you feel like you’re just one of many in your niche business or career, but not growing or moving forward in the way that you had hoped? You may also be confused about who you should be targeting, what you should be offering, and how you should be getting there? This leads to feeling overwhelmed and worried that you will never get your small or medium business where you want it to be. 

If this is you – it is time to change your strategy!

In today’s super competitive world, many businesses struggle to keep afloat.
Remember, lack of proper branding means many leaders look the same with few standing out from the crowd. 

It’s your time to shine!

Whether you’re launching a new product or service, looking for ways to increase awareness, or want to grow your marketing skill set, having the right marketing coach or mentor by your side means you can skip the stress! The result will be you achieving your business goals, sooner. 

With the right strategy and support from a marketing & branding coach or mentor, you will get clarity and direction so you can attract your dream clients and build a business or career you love!

Get Clarity

By finding your marketing & branding coach or mentor at Ruffle Mentoring, you will learn how to get clarity on your marketing strategy and direction. With this real, actionable advice for your business, you can focus your energy on what matters most to you and your business.

Maintain Control

Your marketing & branding coach or mentor will keep you accountable, so you’re not wasting time and energy on ineffective activities. In addition, you can access advice, tools, and strategies to help grow and keep you on track.

Gain Confidence

With newly learnt skills and knowledge from your marketing coach or mentor, you gain the confidence to make the best marketing decisions to boost your business – From posting on social media to identifying your target audience!

Be Consistent

Your marketing & branding coach or mentor will help you to strategise and create your action plan. This is the only way to maintain the momentum that delivers real results. You deserve this!

Need More Guidance?

Life Coach

Achieve your goals, gain fulfillment

Business Coach

Take your business to the next level

Finance Mentor

Control of your financial future

Growth Mentor

Journey to personal growth

Leadership Mentor

Realise your leadership potential

Passionate people make the best marketing coaches

Find Success Today

Effective marketing & branding coaching or mentoring will give you clarity, confidence, and accountability. Let’s face it, marketing is the king of business. Without it, you’re stuck going nowhere, fast. Is it time for you to take actionable, practical steps to grow your business and evolve your brand?

Ruffle Mentoring is a growing coach and mentor directory for women that enables you to connect with leading professionals across all industries. Here is your opportunity to gain invaluable insights and guidance for your business or career. You’ll never look back.

Each marketing and branding coach is unique and works across a variety of different industries. You’ll see they are all experts in their own right and successful entrepreneurs themselves. Find your marketing and branding coach today!

Marketing Mentor FAQs

Finding Your Marketing & Personal Branding Coach or Mentor

Are you looking for a marketing or personal branding coach? We have answered some frequently asked questions about mentorship and coaching relationships.

Running a business and marketing it effectively can be a daunting task, especially for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. This is where a marketing coach can be invaluable! A marketing and branding coach or mentor is somebody with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of marketing, who can provide guidance, advice and support to help you grow your business or your personal brand.

  • Access to experienced advice and guidance
  • Support in developing and implementing marketing strategies
  • A sounding board for ideas
  • Will hold you accountable for working towards your goals
  • Provide motivation and encouragement

Ruffle Mentoring is a directory that helps connect women with leading female mentors and coaches who have the experience and expertise they are seeking. In addition, we are committed to providing a safe space that allows women access to  mentors and coaches to help them achieve their goals.

At Ruffle, we believe that everyone should have access to quality female role models and business, career, and life coaches and mentors. That’s why we offer a growing range of experienced, vetted marketing coaches and mentors on our platform – all of whom are highly experienced professionals who have seen the success you wish to see! You can browse through our coach and mentor profiles and connect with someone who you think would be a good fit for you.

Ruffle offers a simple and straightforward connection process. Simply search for a coach or mentor that matches your goals, view their profile, and connect with them. You can check out their socials or website.

Many offer a discovery call so you can see if they’re a good fit before you proceed – no strings attached! 

Yes! We are always looking for leading female mentors and coaches to join our directory. If you are interested in joining, please fill out our form and we will be in touch!