Meet Mentor Katie Blake

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Meet Mentor Katie Blake

“Starting my professional life as a ballet dancer and leaving home and country at the tender age of sixteen – I learned focus, discipline and dealing with change at an early age. 

Now, as a social media marketer, I not only use all of those skills, but growing up with business constantly discussed around the dinner table meant that marketing felt a little more natural for me. 

I love helping people see the role of their social media marketing clearly and get a clear purpose – it is the biggest struggle everyone has in their business because the digital world is constantly changing!”

I’m also available to support anyone parenting autism. My daughter didn’t ‘fit’ the outdated diagnostic tests that often fail to recognise girls on the spectrum and I’m so pleased I didn’t give up.   

Whichever your situation, I look forward to chatting soon ūüôā

“Social Media Marketing Plays a Very Distinct Role in your Marketing – and it Doesn’t Have to be the Difficult Job Many Think it Is”

Katie's Strengths Can Help if you're Ready to Start:

  • Articulating your clear personal or professional brand
  • Getting your social media platforms set up right
  • Understanding the role social media plays in your personal and professional life
  • Being aware of the social media platform changes¬†
  • Being disciplined (and not guilty when you’re not)
  • Parenting Autism

Sick of thinking what to put on your social media?

Career and Skills

  • Social Media Marketing Diploma
  • Chatbot Developer (Global certification)
  • Social Media Marketing Workshop Trainer
  • Senior Hairstylist¬†
  • Cert IV Training & Assessment¬†
  • Ballet Teacher
  • Diploma of Dance Course (majoring in Classical Ballet)
  • Fashion Sales Assistant

I Love Being a Mentor because...

I know what it’s like to pursue a goal and the level of dedication and support from others that it takes.¬† I’ve had mentors of my own over the years and they were invaluable to my success and each one contributed greatly to my belief in myself.¬† We all doubt ourselves no matter who we are and what we’ve done – and as women we tend to be hard on ourselves.¬† Mentoring means I get to give others a break from their own self-criticism and simplify their life a little!

Katie's Fave Quote

“Fold your worries into paper planes and turn them into flying f#cks”

Katie is inspired by...

Hannah Gadsby, Pink

Location and Time Zone

AEST (Brisbane, Australia). 

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