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Meet Mentor Robyn Luchterhand

A lot of people ask me how I’ve had a successful marriage for 45yrs. Work with my family every day which is a joy.

“Statement about Mentor Services”

Robyn's Strengths Can Help if you're Ready to Start:

  • Help if you feel there’s no way out and you’re up against it
  • Looking at your relationship working better
  • Overcoming hardship
  • Opening up your mind and seeing a better view
  • Continuing to grow
  • Happy in who you are no matter what age

Career and Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Strong
  • Positive and great energy
  • Brave
  • Super motivated
  • Inspiring role model

I Love Being a Mentor because...

I really do love to make a change in people’s lives. To see them go to a whole new level.

Robyn's Fave Quote

“No-one has ever hurt their eyes by looking at the bright side of life”. Unknown.

Robyn's is inspired by...

My Mum, George Burns

Location and Time Zone

AEST (Brisbane, Australia). 

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