Meet Mentor Samantha Sands

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Meet Mentor Samantha Sands

“I had 2 choices when my husband walked out – to stay lying on the ground, crying and feeling sorry for myself,  or get up and be the best example I could be for my daughter.

I resolved not be a victim – which became the number one reason and strength I used to take the risk of opening my own salon business. 

Shit happens, of course, however, it doesn’t define me. Believing In MY core 100% –  what I think of me is the most important opinion.

My daughter grew into a woman who believes she is strong, beautiful, and fabulous.

And that’s what I want to do for you too, darling.”

“Knowing how to strategise using small simple steps in any area of your life is how you achieve incredible goals without the stress!”

Samantha Strengths Can Help if you're Ready to Start:

  • Getting in touch with your true core and uncovering your purpose
  • Taking risks – but calculated ones – in business
  • Learning to ‘Let Go’ of your business and work on it, not in it 
  • Creating an environment where your team will reward you with loyalty
  • Learning the hidden treasure and power of knowing your business figures… everyday
  • Planning and strategy for your next step in business
  • Using Shit times to turn the tables and take control of your life and your business

Who's the only person who can help you? YOU. You just need some simple know-how. That's where I come in."

Career and Skills

  • Starting own business from scratch as a single mother – it had to work!
  • Successful Hair Salon Owner for 15 years
  • Creating an incredibly happy and safe environment for the women who work in my business
  • Getting Up, Getting Dressed, and Showing up – every single day 
  • Becoming a proper business owner – (working on it not in it!)
  • Growing my business to support me and my fabulous lifestyle
  • Systemising my business so it can work without me – to deliver consistent attention to detail
  • Developed recruitment systems so that I hire well
  • Knowing all my Key Performance Indicators and monitoring them daily

I Love Being a Mentor because...

I believe woman are so strong and my true passion is helping you figure out what you really want in life & business – and help you to uncover the gold you have inside of you. Once you uncover what you want, you can plan strategies to be as successful as you choose. Being your Mentor means I empower you to empower yourself.
The power of knowing my business numbers is a huge part of my everyday success. If you’re one of those people who think you’re not great with numbers… I have a little secret for you, darling – numbers are what rule our life. (Birthdays , speed limits, how long until your holiday) Numbers can be the new love in your life, darling. Can’t wait to meet you 🙂

Samantha's Fave Quote

“Uncovering our true inner core, delivers our accountability, dedication and inspiration to ourself which allows us to grow every day”

Samantha is inspired by...

YOU! (Yep, seriously, every person I meet inspires me)

Location and Time Zone

AEST (Gold Coast, Australia). 

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