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All Reviews are from women who have had a genuine mentoring session with Julie.

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Confidence and structure

Rated 5 out of 5
May 1, 2021

I was working at an Oil Company and my first role was part time Admin Support. Over the years I was promoted and eventually was working in Human Resources as a Human Resources Advisor. There were many times when I lacked confidence when dealing with Senior Executives even though they had demonstrated confidence in me and my skills. I always felt intimidated and that I wasn’t good enough to provide the advice that my job required me to do.
I discussed how I felt with Julie and how this lack of confidence was preventing me from reaching my full potential. Julie provided me with positive reinforcement that enabled me to deal with the insecurities I was feeling. She taught me how to identify the situations that caused doubt and then helped me build strategies to overcome the self doubt and lack of confidence that I felt. She also provided this mentoring in such a way that I did feel completely confident to rely on my ability and to proceed with confidence.
Following these sessions with Julie, I became involved in many different HR activities that previously I would never have felt I could handle. This new confidence coupled with lack of self doubt, opened many career opportunities for me. I achieved more in Human Resources than I ever felt possible. I now have a role that gives me perfect work and life balance and I often smile because of the confidence I now have to believe in myself and to ask for what I feel I deserve. Thank you Julie and I am sure you can help many other people who find themselves lacking confidence or organisation skills that stop them from reaching their full potential.


Organised dropbox and oh, life seems so much simpler!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2021

I am a visionary. I execute ideas and plans. I’m pretty organised… BUT… I spent a touch TOO much time searching for documents 🙁 and my systems (as I created them) got scribbled together rather quickly. Current stuff ended up on my desktop. Not desirable in the least! The thing is, I never seemed to have time to sort it all out because other things were WAY more pressing and important.
Then I met Julie!
She not only devised a really quick and simple way to set up my dropbox filing, but she even told me how she organises systems. To the entrepreneur this is gold!
I’ve had pretty good systems in the past but Julie showed me how to really remove the clutter – and I have actually kept it (mostly) just like she suggested.
What I liked the most? She was patient and asked me heaps of questions so that my filing and systems actually made sense to me. She clearly doesn’t roll out the same ole system for everyone. I liked that. Add to that she’s an extremely lovely person 🙂 Thanks Julie.


Feel Lighter Removing the Clutter

Rated 5 out of 5
April 29, 2021

As a small business owner, I was finding it overwhelming staying on top of everything. I felt disorganised and this meant my time management wasn’t as efficient as it could be. Julie helped me by sharing strategies for setting up systems on my PC and in the office and to work towards becoming paperless. We are also now working on writing procedures and templates for our business. I can now put my hands on what I need straight away and it’s taken a weight off my shoulders.


Having Someone in Your Corner

Rated 5 out of 5
April 25, 2021

Going through a relationship break-up was so emotionally devastating and confusing. I had so many people telling me what I should be doing. Sharing my concerns with Julie allowed me to breathe and with her experience and knowledge in this area, I realised I wasn’t alone and it was great having Julie guide me to put a strategy in place. This helped me feel empowered and showed me I could come out the other side stronger.