Start a side hustle or change career direction?

Hey Mumma, We See You!

by Anna Lane

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Anna Lane

“Are you ready to start a side hustle or change career direction, but you don’t know where to start?” 

Hey Mumma, we see you.

So the dust is settling and your beautiful children are starting to grow up, but what’s next? 

There’s a beautiful type of client that has been coming into my world recently – who am I kidding? All my clients are beautiful!

However, this particular woman is re-realising her independence and her sense of self. Her kids might be in school, have hobbies, friends and sports.

And she’s starting to fantasise about putting herself, her career and her dreams back into the forefront of her life (alongside her beloved children of course). She’s contemplating a side hustle or  a change in career.

Is this you?

Where on earth do you begin? And what if who you were, your sense of self and career desires have completely changed in comparison to your pre-children life?

The Seasons of Life and Motherhood

Well, let me start by saying if this sounds familiar, you are not alone. I am a big believer in the ‘seasons’ of our life, the seasons of growth, family, grief, change, slow and fast.

The early years of motherhood are typically seasons of family, where everything else takes a backseat. We honour that because it’s a beautiful thing to be growing and nurturing a family!

However, there may come a time where you desire to be more than the version of you who is mother to her family. Perhaps it’s a change in career direction, a side hustle, or maybe you have a business idea and you simply wish to have something that feels yours and yours alone.

Putting yourself first and building a life you desire that meets all parts of you is the best thing you can do for your family.


Wouldn’t you love your children to reflect that their mother was happy, passionate, fulfilled, inspirational and always fought for what she desired in life? Isn’t that everything you would want for your children too?

You get to lead by example in the season of life that is redefining who you are and what your life looks like when it’s time to put your ambitions back into the priority zone (and this time varies for everyone).

Side Hustle or Career Change... or what?

It’s okay to not know exactly what just yet. You may even have thoughts around returning to study. Returning to the workforce, starting a side hustle or changing career direction with the added responsibility of maintaining a consistent presence with your family can be daunting!

But I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be.

To help you get started, I’ve addressed 5 steps to consider here. It doesn’t matter whether you are thinking to start a side hustle or change your career at this stage.  Just brain dump for now – you may be surprised what comes up.

And if you need further help, I’m here to be help you review your career, refine your narrative and build strategy. Feel free to reach out.

But to get your started now, grab your pen or your device and let’s go.

1. What Lights you Up?

Identify and list what lights you up. Then consider how could this passion, hobby or interest be monetised through business or career? It is possible!

2. Honour You!

As you do this, honour the part of you that is a mother. Allowing space for this part of you opens up your ability to use it for good rather than seeing it as a barrier to your success.

3. What are your gifts?

Identify your transferrable skills. This can come from personal or previous professional experience. What roles have you played in life or in career that can be carried over to your next season? You may be surprised!

4. Identify gaps

This is where you can determine if additional study or experience is required to land yourself exactly where you desire to be.

5. Take Action!

Believe in yourself and take courageous action. If not for you, then for the person you hope your children will grow to be, courageous and always fighting for their dreams.

Make Values-Based Decisions for your Side Hustle or Career Change

If we use our values well, they guide us forward through aligned action. If ignored, they throw tantrums manifested in the form of discomfort, poor outcomes and sometimes even visceral responses such as anxiety.

And remember, it actually only matters what you want to dream. If you can dream it, it’s possible.

So stay in your lane, focus on your vision and seek out other people who are dreaming at the same level.

I know that anything you want to do, you can, with a solid plan and some meaningful action.

How do I know?

Because, hey Mumma, I see you.

Are you Ready to be Seen?

Just remember, you’re not alone. With an ever-growing directory of successful, passionate female mentors you can rest assured that you will find the help and guidance you need to achieve your personal and business goals.

Ready to set yourself up so you can live a life truly aligned with your values.

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