Lost After Lockdown? You're not alone.

If you’re feeling lost after lockdown’ – you’re not alone! It’s entirely normal to have lost focus or direction, especially given the lack of control we have over many things in our lives.

Many people are reflecting on changing jobs, industries, or career direction. With an estimated 1 in 4 employees planning on changing jobs after the pandemic. It’s also timely to think about what this situation has revealed to you.

Do you know what you want in your future work and life?

At one point there was an estimated 15 million people across Australia in lockdown. This accounted for 60 percent of the population.

The Guardian reported that many people were experiencing behavioural fatigue as their emotional and financial resilience was worn down.

To help you with feeling lost after lockdown, I’m going to do a quick recap on what are the elements of a great job.

Dr Tracy Stanley

So, What Makes For a Great Job?

What makes a great job and how has the current situation impacted on this? You may have heard me talk about the CLARA model I developed based on my PhD research which describes the characteristics of a great job. These include jobs with work that is:

  • Inherently challenging

  • Rich with learning

  • Autonomy in the way you undertake the role

  • Where you receive recognition and

  • A sense of achievement.

Your Team Environment

If you work in a team, as many of you will, you’d recognise that a collaborative team works and feels better.

Openness and trust facilitate a psychologically ‘safe’ team climate and team processes provide valuable learning and recognition opportunities.

Are these the characteristics inherent in your current team?

If not, this may also be prompting you or your team to change jobs.

What Makes a Great Manager?

We can’t talk about what makes a great job without reflecting on what makes a great manager.

We know that they:

  1. Share the big picture
  2. Are open to new ideas
  3. Offer support first and advice second
  4. Are fair and consistent
  5. Say thank you!
  6. Take time to analyse lessons learned and
  7. Celebrate the team’s differences.

These are just a few and I’m sure you can identify others from your own experience of working for a great manager.

Whatever your dream job or lifestyle is, you can start reflecting on what’s needed now.

Key takeaways

    1. Recognise that the unsettled way you or your team are feeling is common after this COVID-created lockdown.
    2. Start thinking now about where you want your career and life to go post lockdown.
    3. Identify what knowledge, skills, conversations, or introductions will help you to take the first steps to achieve your work and life goals.


If you are feeling lost after lockdown, or you’re truly serious about achieving your goals and knowing the right conversations and introductions you’ll need then book me for a mentoring session here.

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has magic and genius and power in it”  Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Author: Dr Tracy Stanley
With multi-national experience and expertise in organisational change and employee engagement, Tracy is a Social Scientist, published author, and speaker. Having worked throughout the Asia Pacific and Europe in senior management roles, Tracy’s curiosity in understanding what engages us at work, prompted her Ph.D. research and desire to help you create an engaging life.