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Australia, Sydney (AEDT)
Life Coach, Podcaster, Social Scientist, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

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Are you ready to live your wild life?

Working with you to explore your potential is so exciting for me and I am thrilled to help you open up to what your life can really be like!

I help you acknowledge your inner strengths and skills and to understand that you already know what you want – because these things often become hidden underneath the daily grind of years of family, work/career, and other commitments.

That’s why I am supporting women, like you, to break out of the restrictions surrounding you; to re-connect with your own true values; to stop putting limits on your happiness, and help you get rid of the fear of living life on your terms.

The best role model you can be for others, and the best life you can live is by being your true self.

Career and Skills

  • Over 25 years working with a vast variety of clients in different organisations to help change their thinking and deal with life more effectively; mostly using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy based techniques
  • Previous self employment as part-time trader, podcaster, social media content creator, business networker substitute.
  • Advanced Practitioner Life Coaching
  • Passion and Purpose Coaching
  • Matrix Therapies Coaching
  • Charles Sturt University: various interesting subjects – just because I can
  • Workplace assessor for a government department
  • Mentor for first year probationers in a government department
  • The ability to see through the BS and avoidance techniques
  • Potential and possibility prospector

Awards & Achievments

  • Single mother of two wonderful women who have, and still are achieving a great deal; grandmother of six, three of whom are young adults and amaze me all the time with their achievements
  • Raised my children in “Houso” and still managed to attend university as a mature aged student in my 30s
  • Re-connecting with who I am after starting parenthood in my teens
  • Packing up my life, leaving everyone, all my supports and moving on my own to a new job at a location where I didn’t know anyone
  • Not listening to the naysayers and predictions of doom

“I don’t believe in age, I believe in energy. Don’t let age dictate what you can and cannot do”

Tao Porchon-Lynch




  • Helping you identify YOUR strengths
  • Creating the space and time for you to explore all possibilities, finding what it is that is most important to you and what you are passionate about
  • Helping you unearth the potential that has become hidden by years of doing and not being
  • Challenging limiting beliefs on what is possible – playing devil’s advocate (my favourite role)
  • Spotting avoidance and excuses
  • Giving you the tools to figure out how you want to live your life
  • Helping you to acknowledge the part you have played in all the good things you have already created in your life

I Love Being a Mentor Because...

I love working with people, like you, to find their potential!

That’s why I am supporting women like you in getting the information and mindset to create your lifestyle in line with your own true values; to help you get rid of the fear of success, to stop putting limits on what you can achieve so you can have the life you deserve in your latter years.

I Am Inspired By

People who are not well known or famous, who decide to listen to their inner selves and just get out there and do things to help make the world a better place; who live life according to their values.  They are usually the people you never, or rarely, see in the media; women who never became famous but fought and worked for the rights of other women and disadvantaged peoples.

The women in the CWA who lobbied for the Baby Health Centres in rural areas and helped reduce the infant mortality rates last century.

The late Auntie Essie Coffey who successfully lobbied for better medical and diabetes resources and treatment in remote north-western NSW.

There are numerous other women who have never had their names enshrined anywhere but made a huge difference to the way thousands of people now live their lives, better than before.

I am also inspired by my clients when they discover their deeper meaning, what is really important to them and start to have a better relationship with themselves and consequently, other people.

Bust out of the chains and become who you were meant to be.

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Claire is a skilled coach and mentor who can help you find your potential. Clear those limiting beliefs and find more of you!

Let me help you believe in yourself and live the life of your dreams!

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