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Rated 5 out of 5
Australia, Brisbane (AEST)
Business Owner, Hairstylist, Human Resources Mgr, Investor

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“It’s time to feel good about your leadership and get your team flowing in the same direction as you.”

“How many times do you wish someone could come into your business and “sort out your staff?”

OR wish you could just talk to someone who knew and understood your situation first hand – and could give you advice on how best to deal with your team?

Leadership is massive, right? And dealing with our team and getting them in the right flow is the most difficult thing for many business owners – me included years ago!

As a salon owner, I understand how we creatives are a special breed – in a good way!  But I want to help you firstly; not let the crap get to you, and secondly;  get positive results in your decision-making and your team.

I am confident and insightful and I know how to help you take control of difficult situations and people. My own creative team has been with me for 6 years (and counting) which as you know is a long time in a creative industry.

People are often not bad at all, and I approach each mentoring session with genuine care, respect and without judgement. So if you’re a small – medium business, I can help you. I know what you go through!

Book a Half-Hour of Power call with me – I’ll help you get your situation sorted and your business running smoothly again – you’ll be so glad you did!

Can’t wait to chat!

Career and Skills

  • Salon owner of highly profitable hair salon 11 years
  • Team educator
  • Hairstylist for 27 years
  • Communication
  • Take control of hard situations
  • Great at managing difficult people
  • Genuine caring approach with people

“Please don’t shrink yourself to make people happy. Be yourself, you’re beautiful that way”.  Unknown.




  • Feeling good about your leadership
  • Getting your team in the flow
  • Looking at your situation through a positive lens
  • Making difficult decisions
  • Deal with difficult staff members
  • Working through your teams thought patterns
  • Dealing with anxious staff members who might not be bad, just need help!
  • Get Mentoring your own staff

I Love Being a Mentor Because...

“Over the years of being a hairdresser, you learn a lot about people. I LOVE helping people overcome self-doubt and help people be kind to themselves.  I constantly work at being awesome!”

I Am Inspired By

Oprah Winfrey, my Grandmother, almost everyone I meet, actually!

“Let me help you deal with your difficult team members or send them to me directly”

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Heidi is a skilled mentor with excellent communication skills and strategies that work well with creative or young people.

Let me help you find your awesomeness as a leader!

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