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mentor Karyn Lynch
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Rated 5 out of 5
Australia, Brisbane (AEST)
Coach, Founder, Hairstylist, Professional Speaker, Business Strategist

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“Good business strategy and systems become the value of your business and, eventually, gives you a strong saleable asset.

Never underestimate yourself – skills are easily learned no matter where you’re at”

“It was the success of my first business that literally pushed me into the limelight.

Although I was fiercely goal-oriented at the time, becoming a speaker and coach was totally unplanned, but I gave it my all and learned to go with the flow and say yes to the requests.

I learned to accept what life offered me and take action on the business ideas that woke me in the night. Some worked, some didn’t, and even though they’ve led me down a hugely varied and exciting entrepreneurial path.

Each business I have founded has had one thing in common – they empower people – and Ruffle is no exception.

I want Ruffle to help you find the confidence to stand strong as a woman, earn a great income, and feel proud of yourself in your business knowing you’re on the right path.

Because for me, this is where true freedom is.”

Are you a start-up or an established business needing to get clear on your vision? Or maybe you need sound business strategy around your marketing, pricing, sales, or profit? 

Then Karyn is the mentor for you.

Career and Skills

  • Founder or Co-Founder of companies/products including:
    International professional Speaker,  Online Mentoring, Digital Marketing (incl training workshops), Chatbot Development, Business Coaching, Online Coaching Program, Communication Training, Digital Hair and Beauty Business Magazine, Hairdressing Salons, Beauty Therapy Clinic.
  • Human Behaviour and Communication Corporate Trainer
  • ‘Editor of the Year’ Global Finalist, SO Magazine, Digital Magazine Awards, London 2015
  • Author, ‘A Personal Journey to Salon Success’ (featured USA Morning show, ‘The Balancing Act’)
  • Hairstylist and National Hairdressing Judge

“What’s the next ONE step? Just take that.”

Karyn Lynch




  • Get clear on your business vision and goals, and chunk down the steps
  • Growing business profit. ‘Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity’ – take a look at your return on investment (ROI)
  • Getting your pricing right so its profitable but meets the market
  • Developing a marketing strategy based on your USP
  • Being ‘hands off’ – learn to delegate, empower your team and find your own style in your new role
  • Developing an outstanding team (and your leadership)
  • Discovering your natural strengths (and in the process, yourself)
  • Developing your business and marketing plan
  • Putting great systems in place that give your brand value
  • Increasing sales through effective consultation systems and team leadership

I Love Being a Mentor Because...

Well, firstly I just LOVE business! And I’ve learned SO many things through experience – it’s only fair I pass it on, right?  The only way I can really explain it though is that when I mentor, either one-on-one or from a stage, I feel I’m doing exactly what I was born to do.  Living my purpose. And most women are capable of WAY more than they think they are. When I’m mentoring you, and you have those AHA moments and I see your eyes light up… well, I’m just stoked, I’m right there with you.  Your success is my success :)

I Am Inspired By

Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, Elizabeth Gilbert, Michael Singer, Lady Gaga

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Karyn is a skilled coach and mentor with a proven track record. She will help you realise your business goals and dreams.

Let me take you step-by-step to greater business success!

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