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Australia, Brisbane (AEST)
COO, Founder, Life Coach, PA

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“Life will do its thing! When we’re organised amongst the chaos we have way less overwhelm and stress. Let me take some of your stress away for you!”

“If I’ve learned nothing else, it’s that life will bring us what we need, not what we want! And I’m here to help you clear your clutter and help you organise your office and your day, so you can think clearly and find things easily. It reduces the overwhelm!

Like all of us I’ve had challenges, yet I wouldn’t change any of it. It’s got me to where I am today and I have used these as opportunities to grow and find more of me. How cool is that? 

A health crisis (a couple of dances with cancer), relationship heartbreak… I have learned not to make decisions from fear and to always, always face it head-on from my heart, not my mind.

I am passionate about inner freedom – gaining awareness about beliefs, behaviours, and triggers that keep us trapped and hinder us from finding our best self.

So, I’m all about helping you to clear your internal and external clutter by getting you super-organised – easily!”

If you’re ready to get out of overwhelm and into organised – Julie is the mentor for you.

Career and Skills

  • Corporate P.A to the Managing Director, BP Refinery
  • Separation Specialist
  • Qualification Psychotherapy (Holistic Counselling)
  • Small business owner
  • Freelance Admin
  • Organisation

“Life is what happens while you’re busing making plans”

John Lennon




  • Taking accountability for what’s happening in your life (yes… you’re in there too!)
  • Understanding if you are making decisions from fear
  • Implementing systems and procedures
  • Clearing the Clutter – both personally and professionally
  • Getting organised
  • Clearing space for new energy and new opportunities

I Love Being a Mentor Because...

I love helping people. If someone is stuck and doesn’t know how to do something or find information, my natural instinct is to get in there and help. I think it can be empowering for anyone to learn to do something for themselves and feel that sense of achievement, whatever that means for them.

I also believe that if you are organised, it creates a different energy within and around you. Clutter and mess in your office or home can reflect an internal disarray emotionally. When I help people ‘clear the clutter’, set-up systems and get organised, it’s amazing to see the weight lift from their shoulders.

I can do the admin things easily, however I truly love working with people to help them free from old patterns, and clear space and energy for new and exciting opportunities.

I Am Inspired By

Brené Brown – the Queen of vulnerability.
Nelson Mandala. What a beautiful example of great love and forgiveness and showing that true freedom is found internally.

Tired of feeling overwhelmed, disorganised, and weighed down? Then let’s go!

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Julie is a skilled organiser and mentor with simple skills and strategies that will help you feel back in control.

Let me take the overwhelm out of disorganisation and clutter!

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