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Lois Weinblatt - Need Direction in Business or Life? - Ruffle Mentoring

When you need direction in business or life, a Vision coach is the perfect match” – Lois Weinblatt

We all come to this point at some stage and it’s really important you find the right person to help you.

From my experience in helping so many clients over the years who were in need of direction and clarity, I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt to help you find the right match.

Taking the time to make the best possible choice is so important. So much can be achieved when the coach and client are a great match.

Many people, however, aren’t sure what to look for when searching.

So I hope my tips below help you to find the right coach to help you find direction in your business or life? Or both!

What are the Benefits of Having a Vision Coach?

When you need direction in business or life, a Vision coach is a guide who helps individuals and organizations clarify their definition of success at a specific point in the future, and create the roadmap to get there.

The coach guides you through a structured process, asking the right questions at the right time, and helping you reflect on your past and present, to design your ideal future.

From my experience the biggest benefits of having a Vision coach to help with direction are:

  1. To help you clarify your definition of success for the future.
  2. Create actionable roadmaps, including milestones and ways to celebrate.
  3. To disempower the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  4. Enhance motivation with support, accountability, and encouragement.
  5. Facilitate ongoing growth through proven frameworks, tools, and resources.

How does Vision Coaching work?

The most effective coaches use proven frameworks to help you identify your core values and what you truly want out of the next chapter of your life. So that you can create your Vision; a detailed narrative of what you want your whole life – personal and professional – to look like in three, five, or even 10 years.

After your Vision is complete, comes building the Roadmap to get there. What steps can you take now, to get yourself on your way to your Vision? A long-term coaching relationship can help you stay focused on your Vision, overcome obstacles and shield yourself from distractions. A Vision coach provides guidance, support, and feedback throughout the whole process and beyond.

Coaches may work with individuals or organizations and may specialize in a particular area such as couples, career, or company facilitation. Overall, a Vision coach helps clients create a clear path toward their desired future and provides guidance and support along the way.

Is Creating a Vision Hard?

It might seem on the surface that creating a vision is hard work. However, that’s where finding the right Vision Coach is the key to your success. They guide you, asking the right questions.

A Vision coach will help you identify HOW you got to where you are right now. Only then can you begin to explore what the future holds with true openness.

It’s their expertise that you have engaged, so trust that you will come away with such clarity and direction you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

It is life changing.

Who is Vision Coaching for?

A Vision coach is for anyone who needs clarity. It’s for people who want clarity and the confidence that they’re making the right decisions for themselves daily, from the small to the life-changing. It applies to anyone who wants to design their long-term future and make their dreams possible. Even a Daily Vision can help you build momentum by accumulating small successes throughout the week, making Visioning a powerful daily tool.

Driven business owners. Typically, company leaders who are already successful are the most motivated clients. They may be executives, CEOs, or business owners, but they all have one thing in common: They’re high performers, who want to keep succeeding, and also balance that career growth with their personal life and relationships.

People who want to balance their success with their personal life.  A Vision coach is different from an executive coach or career coach. A business coach is great if you need to strategize a particular piece of your professional life and need an industry expert to provide experienced advice. A Vision coach is for someone who wants a holistic understanding of who they are at their core, so they can create something bigger and better for themselves in every area of their life, not just work.

Whole teams need a north star. When a coach works with companies to help them create a motivating, inspiring company Vision that galvanizes their team and builds momentum, it usually is in the form of a 1- or 2-day facilitated workshop right in your offices.

What to Look for in a Vision Coach?

1. Expertise & Results

A knowledgeable and dependable mentor with ample expertise in Visioning and a track record of positive outcomes. For example, True North has been facilitating Vision workshops full-time for over 9 years. Ask for their credentials and verify any claims of certifications.

2. Content & Curriculum

A professional and accessible website, a detailed program outline, and a seamless user interface. An organized and user-friendly course that is packed with value.

3. Cost to Benefit

Look for a price that reflects the level of benefits provided so you can choose what’s right for you.

4. Options & Availability

Is the course self-paced or accessible at any time? Or, do you prefer a cohort format that can keep you to a deadline and accountable to the exercises?

What's Your Next Step?

Whether you pick a cohort-based or self-paced Vision program; or work 1:1 with a Vision coach, they can help you go beyond your short-term goals, and see past the next 6 months into your long-term future.

Amazing things lie ahead, why not shape your future to create more for yourself?

Lois helps driven business owners make confident decisions through her proven clarity program and private coaching.

Clarify – Refine – Align!

Lois Weinblatt - Need Direction in Business or Life? - Ruffle


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