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Karyn Lynch, Co-founder
Mentor Julie Gabrielson
Julie Gabrielson, Co-founder

Our Story as Female Founders

It’s been a couple of years in the making, but here’s a brief lowdown of our story as female founders of Ruffle.

For almost two decades, as renowned global speaker and business coach, Karyn listened to many stories from businesswomen. As Karyn shared strategies from her many successful businesses, women shared how they struggled to find the confidence, knowledge, and support they needed in both their business and their life.

In addition, after four years of Law School (Sunshine Coast University), Karyn saw how much women were often massively disadvantaged in business. 

She discussed this with soon-to-be Ruffle co-founder, Julie over lunch one day. Ok, maybe a glass of wine was involved too! Julie had also seen her own version of this during her successful career in a large corporate company in Australia.

What they realised was this. While there are many great coaches, mentors, and female role models out there, they are hard to find. In fact, in Karyn and Julie’s own search for a career mentor or business coach, they struggled to find what they were looking for.

It soon became very apparent the business, career, and life coaching industry was fragmented with most of them lost in the endless sea of Google.  Oh, by the way, if you think it’s getting harder to be found on Google with the domination of advertising giants, you’re right.

How Could We Become the 'Search Tool' that Connected Women?

“We considered how women’s mentoring and coaching often needs to be gender specific. Witnessing women’s general acceptance of less for themselves was something we noticed about ourselves too at times!

As we lunched together that day, we shared stories of women, and ourselves, juggling multitudes of responsibilities while growing a business or career. The fact that the majority of women often experience discrimination from role expectations was not new to us either. We see evidence of this in both our personal and professional lives.

What was the answer we asked ourselves? How could we make it easy for women to find the best people to help advance them and understand their situation? In addition, how could we become a ‘search tool’ for women to find coaches and mentors they so desperately needed?

Our answer was Ruffle. Your high-quality Directory of mentors and coaches especially for women, just like you – and where profits from Ruffle provide housing for vulnerable women.

Do You Get Stuck too, Sometimes?

We all get stuck at times, right?

You may, like us, have become more aware of the patterns of behaviour that negatively impact our lives. 

And it’s one area that can keep us SO stuck at times. Frustrating isn’t it?

These patterns stop us from achieving the success we deserve! That is why, at Ruffle, you will not only find your perfect business coach or career coach…But a growing list of life coaches and intuitive coaches as well as healers.

You’ll find we regularly blog for ambitious women, like you. 

So, we’ve started documenting our story as female founders. Including stories of our business and personal knowledge and learnings.

“In order to get ahead and achieve her true potential in business and life, women need easy access to successful female role models and experts who had solid “been there, done that” strategies. A selection of high-quality experts who are easy to find!”

Having a village of trusted women as mentors and coaches means you have a selection of non-judgmental wisdom and support – one click away.

You’ll no longer feel alone.

We’re here to help you find the knowledge and strength you need to make positive changes in your life – and in turn, be an example to other women.


Are you a female founder?

Feel free to contact us as we’d love to hear your story and we welcome your guest blogs too!

So, let’s get ruffled!

We so look forward to hearing of your success,

Karyn and Julie x