mentor Karyn Lynch
Karyn Lynch, CEO & Co-founder

Our Story

For almost two decades, as both a global speaker and business coach, Karyn heard many stories from women who struggled to find the confidence, knowledge and support they needed in business and in life.

Karyn witnessed women’s general acceptance of less for themselves, juggling their multitudes of responsibilities – and often experiencing discrimination from role expectations in both their personal and professional lives.

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“I realised that the professional woman, in order to get ahead and achieve her true potential, needed easy access to female role models who had solid “been there, done that” strategies. Added to that, these expert mentors deserved to be paid! Women already do masses amount of free work – it’s time they were adequately remunerated for their skills!”

And So, Ruffle Was Born!

Julie Gabrielson, COO & Co-founder

Joining Karyn is Julie, who’s partnership in Ruffle stemmed from a lunch that they shared discussing values and their passion for helping women be all they can be.

Julie comes from a successful career in corporate, along with being a qualified holistic psychotherapist – skills she melds with the “school of life”.

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“I have learnt that my own behaviours and misguided beliefs have run my life. My ‘mind’ has been the driving force and taken me down roads that weren’t in my best interest. I’ve spent many years looking within and can now identify when my mind is trying to run the show rather than my heart, and it’s our hearts that will guide us to where we are meant to go. I’m passionate about not living a life in fear and instead to find more of me through all that life brings. Sharing that with others excites me!”.

Having a village of mentors means having a selection of non-judgmental wisdom and support at your fingertips.

You’ll no longer feel alone.

We’re here to help you find the knowledge and strength you need to make positive changes in your life – and in turn, be an example to other women.


So, let’s get ruffled!

We so look forward to helping you,
Karyn and Julie x

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