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Anna Lane

Career & Mindset Coach

Australia, Melbourne (AEDT)
Career Coach, Life Coach

Career and Mindset Coach

I help both teens and young women. Claim the career & lifestyle you truly desire.

It’s my personal mission to empower you to develop & build a successful career & life that lights you up!

Having explored career paths in public and private healthcare, corporate industry, and coaching and mentoring, I have lived and worked across roles based in London, Amsterdam, Melbourne, and Sydney.

I understand the challenges and roadblocks associated with change and professional development having spent time dedicating myself to finding my own purpose and achieving ultimate success.

I help women, including teens and young women, to navigate intense periods of overwhelm and pressure and explore who they are and what they should be in this world – guiding them to develop and build successful careers that light them up and set them on a path to achieve their life goals.

I empower you, as a woman, to go for what you want, to live and flourish unapologetically, and find the purpose and ultimate success you deserve.

“Anna has played such an integral role in assisting me to create clear goals that align with my true self and flourish in every aspect of my life”.

~ Veronica

How I Help You

  • Guiding women to explore growth mindsets and using them to build successful goals, lifestyles, and careers
  • Working with young women to understand their passions, what lights them up, strengths, and areas for development to set them up for future success
  • Helping women to see the strength and opportunity during times of uncertainty and challenge, supporting them in transitioning these into strengths and toolkits for success
  • Using a wealth of personal experience, passion for the potential of young women, and a kind supportive, but challenging when required mentor style, Anna helps women identify and work towards the careers and lifestyles of their dreams

Work With Me

Anna offers a free Discovery Call, CV Makeover, and 1:1 Coaching
Be Kind to Yourself: no explanation needed really, this is the most important piece of finding your way forward. Thank yourself for getting to the point where you realise you’re after change, she’s brought you this far, she’ll bring you to the next level if you treat her well.

Ready to get unstuck and make your next move? Let me help get you there.

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Thank you Anna for providing me with clarity and a path to growth!

I feel so much clearer about the direction of my business and goals to get there. Looking forward to focussing on running my business from a place of passion with less stress. Speak to you in a fortnight!
Edwina Backwell


Anna is an incredibly authentic, compassionate and intuitive mentor. Anna has been an amazing support in helping me find structure and clarity in my career goals, coaching me to start my business, and helping me overcome the ‘self-doubt monster’. 
By empowering me to break through glass ceilings when I felt stuck in the mud, Anna’s mentorship has played such an integral role in assisting me to create clear goals that align with my true self and has allowed me to flourish in every aspect of my life.
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4 Steps to Matching Your Desired Lifestyle & Career

Map Your Dream Life

Take your time here and have some fun! This is where you get to use your imagination and really understand what a perfect day in the life of you could look like.

Career & Lifestyle Audit

Take a deep dive into your current career. What do you love? What don’t you love? Do the same for your current lifestyle.

Gap Analysis & Identify Goals

This is where we need to understand – what is the difference between the life you’re living now and the life you desire? What goals can we put in place to start to bridge the gap?

Take Aligned Action

This means BIG moves. Enrol in the course, apply for the job, set boundaries with your current workplace, ask for the promotion, get yourself a coach.

We live in a world where our dream lifestyles are available to us. Make sure your career is matching yours.


Want to Learn More?

LISTEN to Anna on Spotify in an interview with Siobhan Antoniazzi from Lunar Social. Together they discuss everything from starting a business (whilst healing) to creating social media consistency and living a life of purpose. This chat is a MUST for anyone who is newly starting a business as they dive into a few key components of how they created the life of their dreams.

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