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Catherine Wood

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Australia, Perth (AWST)
Career Coach, Executive Coach, Life Coach, Mindset/Personal Growth

Mental Fitness and Wellbeing Coach

I help you improve how you respond to stress using evidence-based techniques in neuroscience.

I struggled with daily stress and anxiety for many years. In our coaching sessions, I will share with you the toolkit of evidence-based techniques in mental fitness which transformed my life.

Mental fitness is about improving the way your brain functions just like physical fitness is about improving the way your body works.

I have worked with women aged 35-55 who struggled to prioritise their mental and physical wellbeing because stress took over their life, just like me. I helped them to realise how their response to stress took charge of their day leaving them in a state of overwhelm with a lack of energy, focus and motivation.

We work together to build habits in mental fitness. These habits reduce your overwhelm and increase your energy, focus and motivation over a few weeks!

I help you to improve how you respond to stress. How? Along with my one-on-one coaching, I have created a mental fitness coaching app to make it easy to access this valuable toolkit of techniques which will transform your life.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Catherine was so good with her questions… she helped me realise the root of my issues!

– Marina

How I Help You

  • Empower you to build habits which reduce stress and overwhelm
  • Help you increase your energy, focus, attention, and motivation
  • Enable you to identify your triggers of stress and how you can confidently reduce stress
  • Help you build your self-regulation to navigate uncertainty more easily
  • Give you free instant access to valuable evidence-based techniques at your fingertips via my Think-Less-Stress app
  • Build habits in mental fitness techniques which will transform your life!
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Work with Me

I offer one-on-one online coaching sessions which include access to my mental fitness coaching app ThinkLessStress. Various plans are available in the app so you can pick which of the 11 topics you would like to work on alongside our coaching sessions.

Connect to book your free discovery call. No obligation whatsoever.

This enables us to chat and see if we’re the right fit for each other.

My Experience

  • 6 years’ experience of coaching many women
  • BetterUp Care Coach
  • AIPC Diploma of Life Coaching
  • AIPC Diploma of Professional Coaching
  • EMCC Accredited Team Coach/Mentor
  • Coaches Rising – Neuroscience of Change certificate
  • Driven – Certified Resilience Coach

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4 Steps to Improve How You Respond to Stressful Situations

The brain seeks easy ways to take shortcuts such as using habits as well as reward to reinforce the activity. Therefore reinforce new mental fitness habits with a reward, (a healthy reward of course) to ensure you keep going!

So here’s 4 steps for you to think about and maybe get you started…

  1. Notice the thoughts which drive your interpretation of the stressful situation.
  2. Challenge these thoughts to see if they are realistic.
  3. Reframe your interpretation by reshaping the way you think about the situation.
  4. Create an alternative realistic viewpoint of the situation based on this.


Build a habit in this reframing technique to improve how you respond to stress.

From personal experience, seek to prioritise your overall wellbeing and you will improve how you respond to stress. Building habits in the changes you wish to make will help you to experience sustainable and intentional change.

I help you to build habits which are easy to sustain because they use the habit loop framework of cue, craving, response and reward. I can help you to learn more about using habit loops in my ThinklessStress app.

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