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Dilia Wood

Business Start Up Mentor

USA, Los Angeles (PDT)
Branding Coach, Business Owner, Business Strategist, Career Coach, CEO, Executive Coach, Founder, Life Coach, Mindset/Personal Growth, Personal Brand Strategist

From First Sip to Success: Brewing Your Business Vision into Reality

Your entrepreneurial dreams nurtured with expertise & empathy from digital landscape to heart of community.

You’re here because you’ve got a dream that keeps you up at night—brewing with potential, yet sometimes steeped in doubt.

Whether it’s the excitement that wakes you or the fear of uncertainty, every entrepreneur knows this feeling all too well. Just like the perfect cup of coffee, the journey of entrepreneurship requires the right blend of ingredients: passion, resilience, and a dash of guidance to taste.

Imagine standing before a commercial space, seeing beyond the “For Sale” sign to its potential as a vibrant community hub or a profitable venture. Or perhaps, you’re wrestling with a groundbreaking idea, unsure of where to start or how to prioritize your steps.

I’ve navigated these very waters, transforming historic buildings into thriving multiplexes and ideas into best-selling ventures.

I understand this journey intimately. Building something from scratch is not just about mixing these ingredients; it’s about finding the perfect temperature, the right timing, and the best environment to let it flourish.

You’re passionate about your vision, but the ‘what ifs’ might cloud your excitement. What if it doesn’t work out? What if I’m not cut out for this? Believe me, I’ve been there, sipping my coffee while pondering the same questions.

Why We’re on This Journey Together

But here’s the thing—you don’t have to navigate this path alone.

Picture us sitting down for a coffee session, where we can share fears and dreams alike. I’m here not just to guide you but to join you, shoulder to shoulder, as we face every challenge head-on. With a blend of empathy, experience, and practical strategies, I’ve got your back, ensuring every step we take is as rewarding as that first sip of your favorite brew in the morning.

I’ve navigated the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship, turning setbacks into comebacks, and fears into fuel. Your dream business doesn’t have to be a source of anxiety. Together, we can transform it into a source of pride, joy, and success. It’s like crafting the perfect cup of coffee—once you’ve tasted success, nothing else compares.

Dilia helped me turn things around when my business was slipping. Her advice was a lifeline – real, actionable, and heartfelt. ~ Tara

How I Help You

  • Decision Clarity: Cut through confusion, make strategic choices
  • Financial Mastery: Navigate funding and finance with confidence
  • Blueprint for Success: Craft plans and pitches that captivate
  • Edge Over Rivals: Outmaneuver competition, claim your space
  • Future-Ready: Adapt, innovate, and thrive in tomorrow’s market
  • Resilience Built-In: Fortify your business against economic shifts
Dilia Wood - Ruffle Mentoring

Work with Me

  • Unlock your business’s full potential with a mentor who’s turned vision into success. From digital growth to unforgettable in-person experiences, my guidance is built on real achievements – like the transformative journey of my real estate project, showcased next to this. It’s a testament to what dedicated mentorship and actionable strategies can accomplish.
  • Tailored Strategies: Personalized digital and physical business guidance to navigate today’s challenges.
  • Proven Success: My project’s “before and after” story isn’t just inspiring; it’s a blueprint for what we can achieve.
  • Focused Mentorship: Direct support that understands your unique journey and amplifies your goals.
  • Solving the Unsolvables: Embrace every challenge with the confidence that there’s always a solution, embodying the true spirit of entrepreneurial perseverance.
  • Elevate Your Vision: Ready to transform your aspirations into tangible successes? Let’s craft a partnership that moves your business forward.

Check out my packages in the section below.

Let’s talk – Book a discovery call to discover the tailored support you can expect when we work together.

My Experience

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit: Launched and scaled a minority woman-owned startup, steering it through economic crises and securing a landmark SBA 504 loan and over $600k in grants—testaments to strategic agility and financial savvy.
  • Digital and E-Commerce Expert: Not just survived but thrived in the digital marketplace, achieving Amazon Best Seller status and mastering the art of e-commerce and digital marketing.
  • Historic Revitalization: Beyond business, I transformed a historic store into a commercial beacon, merging community and commerce with visionary redevelopment.
  • Mentorship and Empowerment: My commitment extends to empowering female entrepreneurs, offering mentorship that turns obstacles into stepping stones.
  • Author and Storyteller: My journey, detailed in the forthcoming memoir ‘The American Dream Hustle’, aims to inspire with real-world challenges and victories.

This journey underscores not just the entrepreneurial battles won but the tangible evidence of success achieved against the odds. I bring these lessons to every mentorship, empowering others to envision and attain their own peaks of success.

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Customized Mentorship - Brewed to Perfection!

I offer packages to suit your business requirements. Each session is tailored to adapt to your specific needs and is enriched with expertise to propel you towards your goals. Rest assured, your privacy is paramount—my standard Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) guarantees the confidentiality of your business affairs.

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Dilia Wood - Ruffle Mentoring

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