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Elise Clement

Elise Clement

Australia, Sydney (AEDT)
Counsellor, Life Coach, Mindset/Personal Growth, Workshop Facilitator

Holistic Psychotherapist and Life Coach

Reconcile your ambitions as a businesswoman, your needs as a mother, to truly thrive personally & professionally

How do you find balance as a businesswoman and a mother?

Someone once said… “Women nowadays are expected to work as though they weren’t mothers, and mother as though they weren’t working”.

It’s no wonder we are burnt out!

I believe there is another way.

Enabling self-knowledge and self-empowerment is at the heart of what I do.

I work with women and mothers who are feeling overwhelmed and burnt out by the pressure to perform, to juggle, to hustle in their different roles… and help them reconnect with what truly matters. From that place, I support them to make decisions that serve their greater wellbeing and the contribution they are here to make.

I have a special interest in supporting business women and mothers through life transitions, both personal and professional: considering or going through a career change, navigating the demands of work and mothering, preparing to go back to work after maternity leave, or any other turning point that requires overcoming self-doubt and courageously drawing their own picture of success.

Matrescence is the word that describes the radical transformation process women experience as they navigate their mothering years. New values, strengths, needs and desires emerge during that time that have the potential to completely redefine a woman’s identity. My intention is for every woman to feel seen, heard and supported as she reclaims her unique gifts and power in this season of her life.

Let me help you find your balance and be engaged and intentional in business and motherhood.

After having two children, I didn’t know how to get my life back and felt stuck in relationship and my job. Feeling depressed and lost, Elise helped me take a step back and let go of my limiting beliefs, working towards what I wanted to achieve in life and how I wanted to feel about it. I gained clarity thanks to Elise’s broad range of techniques. I am now the mother, wife, friend that I aspired to be. ~ Marie

How I Help You

  • Reconciling the competing devotions of work and mothering in a way that feels good to you
  • Managing anger, anxiety, stress, mood challenges
  • Processing the feelings of loss and grief related to your identity, body, relationships
  • Uncovering your values, your strengths, your passions so you can make decisions that feel aligned to who you are
  • Clarifying what you want and regaining a sense of empowerment, drive, and self-esteem
  • Uncovering what’s holding you back, including limiting beliefs and internalised conditioning
  • Mastering the art of boundaries and asking for what you need
Elise Clement - Ruffle Mentoring

Work with Me

I offer individual sessions as well as group workshops and programmes to support women at different phases of their journey:

  • Emotional and mental wellbeing during pregnancy and managing birth anxiety
  • Postpartum adjustment and perinatal mood challenges.
  • Returning to work after maternity leave with confidence
  • Navigating a promotion or career change… and any other turning point that requires support and a change of perspective.

Click on the message me button below to connect with me. It would be an honour to meet you.

My Experience

I’m a proud mother who, after more than a decade working in corporate roles, followed her own advice and retrained in these areas:

  • Holistic Counselling and Psychotherapy (Metavision Institute)
  • Positive Psychology and Wellbeing (Langley Institute)
  • Human Potential Coach (Human Potential Academy)
  • Matrescence Coach and Facilitator (Mama Rising)
  • Professional Certified Coach – PCC (International Coaching Federation)
  • Breakthrough Coaching Advanced Practitioner (Marcia Reynolds)
  • Four Seasons Journey (School of Shamanic Womancraft)

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An amazing personal coach

I can only wholeheartedly recommend Elise to anyone seeking positive change and personal development in their lives.
She’s an excellent coach and she gave me very usefull tools and action plans to implement positive changes in my routine.

Elise, THE support I needed

Working with Elise has been a real insightful experience. She helped me clearly articulate a future vision for myself and define my priorities to achieve my career objectives, which was having a significant impact on other aspects of my life. Elise’s approach and tools allowed me not only realise my strengths, appreciate my journey but also uncover my self-limitations and overcome my blockers. I feel more confident and empowered to take on new challenges and opportunities when I have a clear understanding of my goals and a plan in place to achieve them.

Elise is a powerful conduit for transformation

Elise is an incredibly powerful, considerate and warm guide to help deeply connect with and action the meaning, purpose and intentions we seek in our own life– both in her 1:1 sessions and groups.
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