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Gina Mitchell

Midlife Coaching for Women

Australia, Sydney (AEDT)
Author, Founder, Life Coach, Mindset/Personal Growth, NLP Practitioner, Rapid Transformational Therapy, Speaker, Trainer, Workshop Facilitator

Midlife and Menopause Coach for Women

Going through menopause & feel totally exhausted? Get your life back and feel good again!

From hot flushes to a fresh start — yes this is possible for you!
Are you tired of the menopause rollercoaster? Feeling trapped in your body, your house, and your life…is maddening.

There’s more to you than being everyone else’s cook, maid, and taxi driver.

But it’s been hard to find yourself under the heap of frustration and growing midlife fatigue.

It’s time to activate the POWER of midlife, reclaim your vitality, and take the stage of a fresh new start as the leading lady of your life.

I can help you to redesign your life and get exactly what YOU want for your health, relationships, emotions and life purpose.


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How I Help You

  • Regulate and manage your emotions
  • Find our what YOU want for yourself in life
  • Put you back into the driver’s seat of our life
  • Help with menopause symptoms
  • Have more balance in your life


Work With Me

I offer one-on-one coaching and group coaching where appropriate.

Click the ‘Message Me’ button below to book your free Soulful Connection session. No obligation whatsoever.

This enables us to chat and see if we’re the right fit for each other.

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About Gina

With a background in science and as a teacher for 30 years, Gina went through menopause and really suffered. There was not much around to help women at the time so she developed her own programs to help herself and now helps other women too. These programs are based on her expertise in science and teaching as well as her credentials in coaching, NLP and hypnotherapy.

It is her mission to help as many women as possible as she doesn’t want to see other women suffer unnecessarily the way she did.

She wrote a book on midlife relationships called ‘Ignite the Spark’ which became an Amazon #1 best seller.

Gina’s gift to you is a copy of her eBook called ‘Menopause Tips to Keep You Sane’. Click the link below to secure your copy.

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Feel Good Again!

Are Your Ready to Get Your Life Back?

Let me help you.
Gina Mitchell - Menopause & Midlife Coach - Ruffle Mentoring

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