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Karen Eley

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Australia, Adelaide (ACDT)
Finance Coach, Investor, Mindset/Personal Growth, Professional Speaker

Financial Coach & Money Mentor

Feel financially empowered! Confidently make smart money decisions. I’ll help you get there.

Are you a woman in your 30’s or 40’s?

Do you want help to create a secure future and financial freedom?

I help you become a financially successful woman.
Money doesn’t have to be overwhelming. I’m here to make managing your money enjoyable!

Providing clear and actionable steps, I help you to become financially educated, empowered, and on your path to security or freedom using a combination of financial planning concepts, cashflow, investing, and money mindset strategies.

We’re never taught how to manage money and are often too embarrassed to seek help.

Women I work with come to me with the following challenges:

  • Know they need to do something with their money but don’t know where to start;
  • Want to change their money habits which are sabotaging their money (earning good income but spending it all, avoidance and fearful to make financial decisions, overwhelmed so do nothing)
  • Feel like they’ve left it too late and won’t be able to save enough for their future
  • Want to create healthier spending, saving, and investing habits
  • Don’t have a financial plan for their future and are not sure how to get started


Can you relate to one of those challenges?

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How I Help You

Finance is always an emotive topic and I understand we all have unresolved issues when it comes to money. There’s no judgment when you come to me. Instead, I ensure a safe, compassionate, and understanding space is created for you.

I approach your Money Coaching using the intersection of financial planning and psychology.

Just like there’s two sides to a $1 coin, there’s two sides to managing our money.

  1. Our internal relationship with money (what we think, feel and act) and
  2. The external practical elements like earning, saving, and investing.

It’s so interesting to look at what money type we are. And money is as much emotional as it is financial – I help you unpack and examine your feelings and thoughts, then with this foundation secure, work on practical money management strategies.

Work with Me

I offer one-on-one coaching as well as:

  • Financial Transformation 90-day Program
  • The Money Project online course
  • Mindful Money Parenting
  • Couples Money Coaching


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New Relationship with Money

Karen was able to shine a light on my financial world. She helped me get to the cause of some of my patterns with money I wasn’t even aware of. Now I’m moving forward with clarity and a practical plan that works for me. I have a completely new relationship with money.
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10 Money Rituals of Financially Successful Women

As your money coach, I’m right there by your side. Ready to help build your knowledge and confidence, so you can make better financial decisions and feel more engaged with your money.

Money is as much emotional as it is financial.

Your unique view of money influences every financial decision you make.

I help clients unpack and examine their feelings, memories and thoughts related to money, then with this foundation secure, work on the practical money management strategies.

Want to know more? Check out my Blog to find out my 10 Money Rituals of Financially Successful Women


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