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Lois Weinblatt

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USA, New York (EST)
Counsellor, Life Coach, Mindset/Personal Growth, Professional Speaker, Workshop Facilitator

True North Visionaries: Get Clarity Here

I help driven leaders get clarity – what do you truly want for the next stage of your life & career?

If you feel stuck, or at a crossroads, and are unsure how to make the right decision, then this program is for you.

True North Visionaries offers the 8 Week Clarity Accelerator, a step-by-step Visioning program designed for driven leaders who are struggling with what to do next.

This accelerator takes away all of the noise and enables you to peel back the layers and figure out what you truly want, not just in your business but in your whole life!

Not what your partner wants for you, or your parents, or society, but what you truly view as success. Once you have a Vision that describes what success looks like to you at a specific point in the future, it becomes easier to make tough decisions with a trusted internal compass.

People leave my programs feeling like they finally have clarity on their core values and driving purpose in life, plus the roadmap to confidently head toward their new destination.

My True North clients often go on to achieve their Visions faster than they ever expected.

Is this something you’d like to do too?


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If you feel like there’s something bigger and better for you, then this will get you there faster than anything else you could possibly do!

– Meaghan Chitwood, COO of a private equity-backed healthcare company

How I Help You

Here’s what you can do in just eight weeks on the True North program!

  • Clarify your Vision of success in every aspect of your life including financial, relational, personal, spiritual and professional.
  • Feel the relief and confidence of knowing that you’re on the right path for you.
  • Decision-making now comes easy because it’s clear what’s going to bring you closer to your Vision and what’s not.
  • Feel firmly grounded in your boundaries, core values, and nonnegotiables.
  • Get personal support from me to make your Vision a reality faster than you ever expected.
Lois Weinblatt - Ruffle Mentoring
Lois Weinblatt - Ruffle Mentoring

Work With Me

  • The 8 Week Clarity Accelerator Program provides everything you need to create your full 5 year Vision including lifetime access to a library of materials.
  • Vision Consulting for Organizations, businesses, and nonprofits. In a 2-day intensive, I work with you and your core leadership team to clarify, refine, and solidify your organization’s Vision.
  • 1:1 Vision Coachingfor select clients, application required.


Book a free clarity call with no obligation, and let’s talk Visioning together.

My Experience

  • I have been empowering people to transform their own lives through visioning for over 9 years. As a Vision Consultant and founder of True North Visionaries, I help leaders find clarity to figure out what they really want out of their personal and professional lives. An international speaker, coach and vision expert, I guide individuals and organizations all over the world to create the roadmap for their next destination.
  • I have worked with small executive teams in intimate settings, individuals, & leaders, and spoken to audiences of hundreds.
  • BA from Boston University having travelled the world speaking to audiences in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

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No more agonizing over decisions

I have paid for a lot of courses and coaches in my life, and none have changed my life more significantly than the 8 week Clarity Accelerator did. The most impactful part of the course for me was the relief it brought. I’m the kind of person who needs a plan, even if that plan is not set in stone. 
Every time I’m faced with a tough decision, I know in my gut whether it’s bringing me closer to my Vision of success or farther away. I no longer agonize over whether I’m making the right choice, even when those choices are really tough. I have a lot more contentment and self-assuredness, because I don’t lay awake and worry about my future.. I know the exact roadmap I’m working toward to create the future I want. 
Lois is incredibly kind, empathetic, and nonjudgmental. It was a little uncomfortable to open up and get vulnerable with myself, but in a trusted and private space, it’s one of the safest places to get real and honest with yourself. She’s not like other coaches who have only jumped into this a few years ago… Lois has been a Vision consultant for almost a decade, and her experience shows… She’s worked with so many CEOs she understands the kind of pressure executives are under to balance all of life’s priorities. And thanks to True North, now I know what my true priorities and nonegotiables are and can use that internal compass every day. 
It was absolutely worth it! 
Adrienne Fuller
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Become a Visionary Leader

For over 9 years I’ve been helping driven leaders like you all around the world gain clarity on what they ultimately want and create the roadmap to get there. This is your invitation to join our community and become a Visionary leader.

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Lois Weinblatt smiling - Ruffle Mentoring

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