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Malise Banks

Boost of Joy

Australia, Gold Coast (AEST)
Counsellor, Intuitive Coach, Life Coach, Mindset/Personal Growth, NLP Practitioner

Master the mind, live in the heart.

Work with your mind combined with intuitive heart-based truth & intervention.

Are you feeling jaded, disillusioned or that no one gets you?

Do you feel you are perpetually living a life in survival mode?

I once did too. I used drinking, socialising, bulimia, prescription meds, codependent romantic relationships, sex and busyness to keep my anxiety and emotions at bay.

Does this sound familiar?

It can seem so difficult to step out of this cycle of suffering or even know where to look.

Allow me to show you how to tap into the rich resources of your own inner wisdom, the same inner guidance system that took me from lost to building a strong foundation of inner peace and spark for life.

I help you access your power, discover hidden truths, unveil blind spots, create new empowering trajectories, and receive healing as you navigate the contrast in this life. You will be in good hands as each session is a complete surrender to Source, and intuitively guided to find a healing or insight you need in perfect timing.

I offer the unique combination of practical Neuro Linguistic Programming (working with the mind and its subconscious programs) as well as the intuitive flow of surrendering to Divine intervention and healing, working with the heart, the field of truth and flow.

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“I got more out of Malise’s complimentary session than I had out of 6 clinical psychologist sessions. Malise is helping me understand myself and gives me the push and support when I need it most” ~ Bree

How I Help You

  • Awakening, disillusionment, self-identity and life direction
  • Anxiety, stress, depression and associated coping mechanisms
  • Addiction, escapism and disempowering cyclical behavioural patterns
  • Perfectionism, control and the masculine mindset
  • Relationships, self-love and navigating neurodiversity
  • Releasing repressed emotions and childhood trauma
Coach Malise Banks - Ruffle Mentoring
Malise Banks - Ruffle Mentoring

Work with Me

I offer both virtual and face-to-face private coaching and counselling sessions that include:

  • Powerful NLP tools and techniques for mastering the mind
  • Values & life balance assessment and intention setting
  • Hypnosis and intuitively guided meditation
  • Inner child and shadow work facilitation
  • The unified wisdom of the heart – taking you on the Hero’s Journey


Click on the message me button below to connect with me. It would be an honour to meet you.

Prices start at $110 for a single session.

My Experience

  • Diploma of Counselling – Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors 2021
  • Graduate, Awakening the Illuminated Heart – School of Remembering 2020
  • Winner, Emerging Young Leader, Business Association of Australia’s International Women’s Leadership Awards 2019
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment – Plenty Colleges 2019
  • NLP Master Practitioner – Dynamic Mind Works 2015
  • Neuro Linguistic Coach – Dynamic Mind Works 2014
  • Graduate Diploma of Education, Secondary – Griffith University 2010
  • Founding member of AANLP (Association for Applied Neuro Linguistic Programming)

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Learning to structure & prioritise my goals

I found that I had so many goals that I wanted achieve, but wasn’t achieving any. Malise helped me prioritise and structure my goals using “tidy” language. Having a plan to achieve and being equipped with tools to assist me has allowed me to feel so much more dedicated and committed to my goals and finally feel that I can actually do this. Malise has great patience and helped me understand the processes NLP uses so that I can not only achieve my goals, but make them lifetime habits. Malise helps you clear through the clutter of limiting beliefs so you can be free to achieve your goals. I highly recommend Malise as a professional NLP practitioner. Her guiding and caring nature makes the sessions warm and supportive.
Cassi S

Finding joy, abundance and empowerment

I am so grateful and surprised at how much can shift in one session. Malise was able to identify my blockages to joy and abundance and shed light on them in a positive way that made me feel empowered. The meditation she chose just for me allowed me to shift energy from lifetimes ago. She has given me the support and motivation to know that my life will move forward with ease and happiness. Thank you Malise from the bottom of my heart.
Irma M

Feeling clearer, lighter and freer

I have left our session feeling clearer, revitalised, lighter and freer from the restraints holding me back. Your honest and sincere guidance makes me feel supported and able to truly let go and surrender my worries to you, knowing I have your beautiful Unjudgmental support. I truly feel you have my best interest at heart, which allows me to go deep and achieve my results. I can’t thank you enough for allowing me the space for this.  I’m forever grateful and I will highly recommend you to anyone in search of life mentor/coach. I look forward to our next session together.
Sharni W

Incredible insightful and powerful

A jam packed session overflowing with love, genuine understanding and nuggets of wisdom to walk away with. Malise has a beautiful way of connecting with people and finding a unique way to guide them towards their own inner light and joy. Incredibly insightful and valuable session and I honestly can not recommend her highly enough!!
Brooke H

The most valuable investment I could make

After 2 coaching sessions with Malise I’ve felt a big shift for myself already. Malise is excellent at holding space and making you feel safe and heard, but also guiding you to see the answers for yourself. I feel better after every session. The value of them cannot be measured as they keep on giving long after you’ve had them. Malise’s meditations are deep and powerful, tailored to your needs at that moment. I feel they make a big difference, I can go deeper within myself to unlock things that are unseen otherwise. I will continue working with Malise, as I feel this is the most valuable investment I can possibly make. Thank you so much for everything. You’re such a beautiful soul and I am very grateful we met each other.
Kat B

I feel understood, seen and nourished by Malise

Meeting and interacting with Malise is, as her company name says, “A Boost of Joy”! I was yearning for someone to help me with some of my deep seated issues and emotions. The universe, gratefully, brought Malise into my world. I feel understood, seen and nourished when I talk with Malise. I highly recommend her sessions for clarity and resolutions. She is a true blessing to this world. 
Amy L

Malise goes above and beyond

I couldn’t recommend Malise more! I got more out of Malise’s complimentary session than I had out of 6 clinical psychologist sessions. From there it was a no brainer to continue on working with her. Malise is helping me understand myself and gives me the push and support when I need it most. Malise truly cares about her clients which is clear because her support extends beyond our weekly one-on-one sessions with follow up emails, videos and texts to check in. Highly recommend!!
Bree L

Making positive change in my life

Malise was amazing. She uses different tools/techniques to shift me from the old conditioned way of thinking to new thinking, and helped me understand how to make a positive change in my life. She is supportive, understanding, yet bold enough to dive into the shadows that held me back.
Kelly R

I feel inspired and energetic

From the moment I met Malise I was instantly drawn to her open and calm energy. I knew I needed to go and have a chat and see what intuitively needed to come up. I loved my 1:1 session and we had so many awesome chats that it felt like I was reconnecting with an old friend. Thank you so much for teaching me about boundary setting and energy frequency levels. I left our session feeling inspired and my energy felt so much more centered around me. I would have no problem recommending Malise’s services to anyone looking for a boost of joy. 
Sally W

Malise got me back on track

I found Malise at a time when I was broken, mentally, physically and emotionally. I was a ball of frazzled stress and in one session Malise was able to help ease my chaotic mind and provide me with with some tools to get myself back on track. I felt very comfortable in her presence and would recommend her to any of my family or friends.
Simone L

More Strength & Positivity

I gained a lot of energy from our session and came away feeling more strength and positivity – and confidence that I will make the progress I’ve been seeking.
Chrissy G

Transforming work

Working with Malise was truly transformational. Through shadow work and other release techniques, I was able to better understand the sometimes overwhelming thoughts and feelings that myself and people can face throughout their lives. Malise created a safe space and was able to guide me through these sessions into a deeper and richer understanding of myself. Working with techniques and strategies to help build a more loving and accepting relationship with myself.
Tyler L
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The Secret to Lasting Peace...

You are not your programming; you are so much more.

When we awaken to this truth, we stop being controlled by the limited mind and its subconscious programs. We free ourselves from external forces and the wheel of suffering. The wonderful feeling of peace is possible, and I can attest to this in my own life. When we remember who we really are, we find our power – thereby no longer relying on external conditions to keep us happy.

Allow me to guide you to empowerment using your innate technology and abilities.  I can confidently assure you that awakening to your programming brings new awareness, freedom, resilience and joy.

You are not alone and millions of others are consciously awakening with you, breaking from their old beliefs and learning to rebuild the self on a different foundation. I would love to show you that this life can be wonderful; better than you ever imagined…. read more

Live in Joy

Ready to Master Your Mind & Live in Your Heart?

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Malise Banks - inner peace and personal power coach - smiling and tucking flower behind her ear - Ruffle Mentoring

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