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New Zealand (NZDT)
Author, Business Owner, Business Strategist, Mindset/Personal Growth

One of New Zealand's Top Sales Coaches

Cultivate powerful self-belief, become confident to sell, simple & successfully

I am one of New Zealand’s top sales and mindset coach.


For the last decade I have been teaching business owners to cultivate powerful self-belief and become confident to sell in a simple, authentic, and successful way.

After growing my own profitable business and experiencing failed businesses too, I know from real life experience that success is all about mindset, imperfect action and consistency….But most of all a business that will actually make you money!

I am a truth teller – I will say it to you straight. Because contrary to glossy social media highlights, there’s no such thing as perfect. Not in life. Not in business. And clinging to perfectionism won’t get you anywhere. And stop looking for that DAMN magic sales wand…It doesn’t exist.

As an experienced speaker and facilitator, I guide business owners to quit looking to others for guidance and trust your inner mentor, so you can finally step into your role as an unstoppable leader.

I am the author of Allergic To Perfect: How to ditch your doubt and take imperfect action to grow your biz. And my most recent book: Become Unstoppable – Quit playing small, own your expertise elevate your business.


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Nat helped me through my all or nothing mindset. Encouraging me to just fucking do it, cutting through the BS with insight & empathy to make the next step with intention… If I hadn’t worked with Nat, my current business would not exist. ~ Rachel

How I Help You

I help you to feel confident about your business,
So that you can sell with integrity,
Build with consistent imperfect action,
Because you understand you are THE expert,
And you stop playing small,
Generating revenue in your biz without the bright shiny objects.

Natalie Tolhopf Coach - Ruffle Mentoring
Natalie Tolhopf Coach - Ruffle Mentoring

Work with Me

I offer one-to-one coaching called “Unstoppable You”.

If you have a team of contractors/employees I have one-to-one coaching called “Unstoppable Leader”.

Plus a kick-ass Selling programme to help inject sales into your business.

To see which offer is right for you we can jump on a 30 min strategy session to see where you are at and if I am in fact your next right step.

Ready? Let’s go!

Become Unstoppable!


My Experience

  • Two failed business that I am DAMN proud of!
  • For the past 6 years I’ve run a business that pays me a 6 figure salary
  • I am self taught and not from theory, my work is from the engine room
  • Motivational speaker and author of two books

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Nat's Advice was Invaluable!

I’ve worked with Nat over 4 years and found her knowledge and advice invaluable.
She knows her stuff when it comes to sales, she is supportive and yet pushes you to be your best and hold you to account.  She’s been a fantastic supporter and cheerleader of my work and has taught me so much about sales, something I’ve not been a natural at.  It’s sales in a way that works for me though, I was always worried it would come across sleazy or I had to be a certain way to sell.
Nat has a unique ability to share what she knows and come up with a plan that works for you, your business and a way of selling that doesn’t feel salesy but has the right impact.
Id’ recommend Nat’s coaching to anyone who needs to learn more about selling and wants to grow their business.  She has a great way of positioning her advice and strategies in a relatable, understandable, simple way so it’s easy to apply to your business and see results right away.  She also walks the talk so much of what she teaches is tried and tested from her own successful business.
Jess Stuart

I Got Out of My Own Way!

I had been trucking away quite comfortably before working with Nat. I had a pretty good idea of my numbers, and could have quite easily decided to stay where I was, comfortable on my current path.  But I wanted something else.
While working with Nat I finally pulled trigger on launching a personal brand.  Nat supported me in working through my all or nothing mindset, and encouraging me to just fucking do it with a soft imperfect launch….which quickly snowballed into my primary business brand within 6 months…and I had sat on this launch for years, always coming up with a reason not to press go.
If I hadn’t worked with Nat, my business in its current form would not exist.
At each stage of launch, and the difficult and hairy stages of straddling two businesses, Nat was there to cut through the BS with masses of insight and empathy, helping me to see the path ahead and make the next step and next decision with intention.
So yeah! Nat is a sales expert, she is the queen of imperfection action and getting shit done. But even if you have some of that stuff already sorted, having her in your court motivating you to take the next step and get out of your own way, is bloody priceless. I wouldn’t have the business I have right now, if I had not worked with her.
Rachel Gronback

A New Business Direction

Before working with Nat, I was unsure on how to get my business up and running. Nat was super easy to talk to and made the process of working with a business mentor really relaxed and natural. Now I feel like I have direction and a plan on how to generate clients and business relationships as well as how to set my business apart in a small industry. Thanks Nat!!
Melanie John

I Found My Inner CEO

Before I started working with Nat, I had no idea how to market myself, let alone whether anyone wanted what I had to offer. I was struggling to know what step to take and had spent a lot of time (and money) on ‘quick fix’ courses that didn’t deliver on their offer and didn’t fit with the sort of person I am. My imposter syndrome was in the driver’s seat and I just couldn’t take the first step to expand my offerings.
Our one-to-ones were times to bounce ideas around, but mostly, to get some hard hitting questions that caused me to have to do some deep personal work to get my business mindset growing. This has been fundamental in growing my confidence and shifting me from thinking (and endlessly researching stuff) to doing. Each action I took blasted that imposter and grew my belief in myself and my business.
Group sessions are also amazing – it’s awesome to connect with like-minded women, learn from each other and be inspired by Nat’s guidance and facilitation in these sessions.
Working with Nat saw me take major steps to create offerings, sell and deliver them; most importantly, she guided me in understanding and accepting the journey of business and bringing my full, authentic self to everything – because that’s what people want 😊
Having worked with Nat, I feel like a CEO – not just of my business, but of my life and I now act like one – which has shifted my attitude and action. Consistency and confidence are part of my daily mantra and this is what makes sales happen!
Nat is an absolute rockstar; she is someone I not only admire, but aspire to be as awesome at in my business lane 😊
Yumiko Olliver

Nat's Course was Awesome!!

You know the feeling when you finish a course and you’re like “ Ohhh, thank God that’s over!”? Well that’s totally 100% NOT how I felt about finishing Nat’s course! I didn’t want it to end!
“Sell With Success” has given me this whole different perspective on sales. I’d had these long-ingrained beliefs about sales and money that were so wrong. But Nat’s course has helped me make a complete money mindset shift. From once being a serial procrastinator, I’m so much more confident now about pricing and being able to talk about it comfortably in a sales conversation – without feeling like such a newbie!! And the group sessions are an added bonus to meet some awesome biz women, have that important connection and support, and enjoy some fun along the way 😊
Nat helped me discover skills I didn’t think I had in me. She’s got this amazing knowledge and understanding, and she sincerely wants to help you. She’s a bloody gem! Honestly, if you’re thinking about taking the course don’t procrastinate on this one, just get into it!
Pam Robertson
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Ready to Get Out of Your Own Way & Smash Your Sales Goals!

If you’re doing the same thing and getting the same result… then things need to change. Right!

You’re in the right place.

I’m a straight-shooting business coach who can help you to cut through the crap in your head, create massive momentum, and achieve next level growth.

If you are ready for more inspiration, click on the images below to grab my books “Become Unstoppable” and “Allergic to Perfect”.

Natalie Tolhopf - Become Unstoppable BookNatalie Tolhopf - Allergic to Perfect

Stop procrast-a-scrolling and let’s bloody do this

Quit Playing Small & Own Your Expertise!

Quit the excuses, get outta your comfort zone, and become a frickin’ sales queen.
Natalie Tolhopf Coach - Ruffle Mentoring

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