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Natalie Tolhopf

Natalie Tolhopf Business Coaching

New Zealand (NZDT)
Author, Business Owner, Business Strategist, Mindset/Personal Growth

One of New Zealand's Top Sales Coaches

Cultivate powerful self-belief, become confident to sell, simple & successfully

I am one of New Zealand’s top sales and mindset coach.


For the last decade I have been teaching business owners to cultivate powerful self-belief and become confident to sell in a simple, authentic, and successful way.

After growing my own profitable business and experiencing failed businesses too, I know from real life experience that success is all about mindset, imperfect action and consistency….But most of all a business that will actually make you money!

I am a truth teller – I will say it to you straight. Because contrary to glossy social media highlights, there’s no such thing as perfect. Not in life. Not in business. And clinging to perfectionism won’t get you anywhere. And stop looking for that DAMN magic sales wand…It doesn’t exist.

As an experienced speaker and facilitator, I guide business owners to quit looking to others for guidance and trust your inner mentor, so you can finally step into your role as an unstoppable leader.

I am the author of Allergic To Perfect: How to ditch your doubt and take imperfect action to grow your biz. And my most recent book: Become Unstoppable – Quit playing small, own your expertise elevate your business.


WATCH Natalie’s Message for You

Nat helped me through my all or nothing mindset. Encouraging me to just fucking do it, cutting through the BS with insight & empathy to make the next step with intention… If I hadn’t worked with Nat, my current business would not exist. ~ Rachel

How I Help You

I help you to feel confident about your business,
So that you can sell with integrity,
Build with consistent imperfect action,
Because you understand you are THE expert,
And you stop playing small,
Generating revenue in your biz without the bright shiny objects.

Natalie Tolhopf Coach - Ruffle Mentoring
Natalie Tolhopf Coach - Ruffle Mentoring

Work with Me

I offer one-to-one coaching called “Unstoppable You”.

If you have a team of contractors/employees I have one-to-one coaching called “Unstoppable Leader”.

Plus a kick-ass Selling programme to help inject sales into your business.

To see which offer is right for you we can jump on a 30 min strategy session to see where you are at and if I am in fact your next right step.

Ready? Let’s go!

Become Unstoppable!


My Experience

  • Two failed business that I am DAMN proud of!
  • For the past 6 years I’ve run a business that pays me a 6 figure salary
  • I am self taught and not from theory, my work is from the engine room
  • Motivational speaker and author of two books

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Ready to Get Out of Your Own Way & Smash Your Sales Goals!

If you’re doing the same thing and getting the same result… then things need to change. Right!

You’re in the right place.

I’m a straight-shooting business coach who can help you to cut through the crap in your head, create massive momentum, and achieve next level growth.

If you are ready for more inspiration, click on the images below to grab my books “Become Unstoppable” and “Allergic to Perfect”.

Natalie Tolhopf - Become Unstoppable BookNatalie Tolhopf - Allergic to Perfect

Stop procrast-a-scrolling and let’s bloody do this

Quit Playing Small & Own Your Expertise!

Quit the excuses, get outta your comfort zone, and become a frickin’ sales queen.
Natalie Tolhopf Coach - Ruffle Mentoring

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