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Pauline Swinkels

LowCarb Solutions

Australia, Brisbane (AEST)
Founder, Life Coach, Health Coach

Achieve Lifetime Good Health & Wellness!

Are you ready to regain your health, lose those stubborn kilos and feel the best you have in years?

Sick of Yo-Yo dieting, putting back on all the weight you have lost (and some extra)? Starving hungry every time you try to lose weight, and feeling terrible about yourself because of this?

You are not alone!

80-90% of dieters gain back the weight they fought so hard to lose. The reason is they go back to eating what they did before. Catch 22.

I have been a registered nurse for 39 years. I saw this great disconnect, and I knew I had to do something about it.

I am going to teach you why you put on weight, (and why it is mostly not your fault)!

I will teach you a wonderful way of eating, to help you lose the weight you want to, and not put it back on again. I call it the LOW CRAP DIET!!

I will show you that you don’t need to be hungry all the time, and exercise like a maniac to lose weight.

I will show you how you can put chronic disease like hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes and Arthritis into remission.

I can help you if you have PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), endometriosis and fertility issues.

My program is tailored to your individual needs for a safe and healthy outcome. Health markers can be monitored in some individuals if required, and I am happy to liaise with your medical practitioner.

I’d love to support you on a pathway to lifetime wellness.

Along with shifting weight, I have gained more from Pauline’s program than I could imagine.  Pauline has helped me believe in myself, build healthy habits (rather than turn to food) and educated me.  It’s not a diet anymore. – Celeste.

How I Help You

  • Initial consultation to teach and inform on the basics to get you started properly
  • Group or one-on-one coaching
  • Take-home aides to help you with meal planning
  • Access to my coaching App for daily monitoring and advice
  • Flexible programs available, depending on individual health needs
  • Weekly coaching meet-ups to keep you on track and for troubleshooting
  • Recipe Ideas to get you started
Pauline Swinkels - Ruffle Mentoring
Two women meeting in cafe mentoring

Work With Me

Accredited by the Society of Metabolic Health Practitioners, and a Nutrition Network Practitioner, I will help you achieve health goals even your Doctor might not be aware of.

  • Tailored to your individual needs for a safe and healthy outcome. Health markers can be monitored in some individuals if required, and I am happy to liaise with your medical practitioner.
  • Group programs are great for peer support and sharing. You are not alone in this!
  • This program is backed by 20 years of Science, and is the fastest growing health movement globally.
  • Join the revolution of wellness and discover a whole new life. Find the answers that your Doctor can’t tell you.
  • Individual and group programs can be in person or online, depending on your location.


Connect to book your obligation free call. This enables us to chat and see if we’re the right fit for each other.

My Experience

  • Registered Nurse 40 years practice
  • Registered Midwife
  • Qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer
  • Perioperative Nursing specialist
  • Laser and Clinical Nurse Skin Specialist
  • Nutrition Network Practitioner
  • Accredited Metabolic Health Practitioner.
  • Metabolic Health Coach for 3 years

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Are you Ready for a Low Crap Lifestyle?

This is not about a diet.

This is about a lifestyle!

I feel privileged and excited to be a part of this new health movement.

The last 50 years has seen an explosion of obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer and autoimmune diseases.

The last 50 years has also seen an explosion in the processed food industry, with no government regulation telling manufacturers what they can and cannot put into food. We are, as a consequence, literally eating ourselves to death!

Working in the Healthcare industry, I saw this great disconnect, and I knew I had to do something about it.  Thankfully, there are thousands of medical practitioners like me around the world who feel the same way, and we are working tirelessly and collectively to change things around.

You can be a part of this growing movement, and it will be the best thing you have done for your health in your whole life.  And because of your decision, you will live your best and healthiest life possible.

I would love to show you how.

Ready to reclaim your health and live your best and healthiest life possible?

Come and live the LOW CRAP LIFESTYLE!

Once you feel the difference, you will never go back to the way you were before. Even if you have had pain and disease for years, you will see improvement in this new LOW CRAP LIFESTYLE.  Give it a try.  All you have to lose is your spare tire, medications and pain.
Pauline Swinkels - Ruffle Mentoring

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