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United Kingdom/Canary Islands
Career Coach, Life Coach, Mindset/Personal Growth, Podcaster

Career Fulfillment Coach and Strengthscope Practitioner

Reignite your career! Discover purpose & meaning to thrive in your professional life.

Welcome to a transformative journey with me, your dedicated Career Fulfilment and Strengths Coach! I bring a unique blend of expertise to the table, combining the precision of Strengthscope, a renowned British psychometric profiling tool, with the uplifting principles of positive psychology.

Imagine a coaching experience that goes beyond just career advice—it’s a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and rediscovery of meaning and purpose in your work. My coaching programs are designed to unravel the layers of your strengths, allowing you to redefine your professional path with newfound clarity and enthusiasm.

In our collaboration, we dive deep into your unique strengths, illuminating the path to understanding yourself on a profound level.

Picture this: you, at your absolute best, thriving in a career that aligns with your values and passions. Together, we rebuild your foundations, with your strengths and values as the cornerstone, creating a solid base for you to stand upon.

But this isn’t just about finding a job; it’s about reigniting your most authentic self. I guide you in unlocking your inner potential, helping you tap into your resourcefulness. Say goodbye to limiting thought patterns and hello to innovative ways of overcoming the obstacles in your path.

Are you ready to embark on a journey that promises to reveal a more positive, empowered version of yourself? Get ready to elevate your well-being, boost your confidence, and flourish in your career like never before. Let’s co-create a future where you not only love what you do but thrive in it. Your fulfilling career awaits – are you ready to seize it?

Rebecca facilitated key reflections for me, greatly impacting my confidence as a leader and enabling a deeper understanding of how to manage my wellbeing. ~ Sarah

How I Help You

  • From high-stress levels, low self-esteem and a work-life imbalance to increased resiliency and flexibility, a positive sense of self and balance aligned with your values
  • From exacerbated exhaustion and a perpetual state of unhappiness to healthier and higher energy levels and feelings of contentment
  • From stunted career growth and a laborious lack of fulfilment to a widened career potential with enhanced meaning and purpose
  • From depleted mental and emotional well-being, compromised productivity and team relationships to a positive mental and emotional state of being, boosted motivation and flourishing relationships
  • From a fixed negative mindset, encouraging hopelessness and helplessness to an infinite mindset empowering you to reach your goals and overcome your challenges
Rebecca Bradford Green - Coach - Ruffle Mentoring

Work with Me

I work with you on a one-to-one basis:

Thrive & Flourish: 6 sessions to align the life you want

Identify & Explore: Strengthscope assessment + 90-minute exploration session (can be added onto 6 session programme)

Reflect & Refuel: Quarterly check-in, facilitating your thinking to maintain your energy, encourage balance and alignment and set goals for the coming months.

Book a discovery call to chat about which programme is best suited to supporting and strengthening you.

My Experience

As a coach, I have supported individuals and teams in the following ways:

  • Strengths coaching to support women to discover their best selves, identify how to support themselves & increase awareness in their personal and professional life
  • Career coaching to support women wanting to change careers; align their careers to their best selves & find meaning and joy in their professional lives
  • Confidence coaching to support women to lead with confidence & improve team & stakeholder relationships
  • Life coaching to support women to manage stress & enhance well-being


As a Strengthscope Practioner I have:

  • Facilitated 1-2-1 strength debrief sessions and team/group workshops on Strengthscope
  • Facilitated team coaching and a workshop on using strengths to optimise team collaboration and well-being with a local council

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Strengthscope Team workshop

I found the workshop very useful and learnt things about my team and their ways of working that I wouldn’t have otherwise known. Rebecca provided a safe environment for us to share experiences and has a lovely manner which is both professional, knowledgeable and supportive. We have discussed our strengths after the workshop and thought about ways that we can lean on them to support our work. I would recommend Rebecca as she is passionate about the work she does and comes with great intentions to bring out the best in people.

Using my strengths to create new work habits

A structured and effective approach to harnessing my potential. Rebecca’s coaching provided me with a fresh perspective on my abilities and strengths. Rebecca had a unique way of inspiring and pushing me to pursue my goal . Her guidance helped me connect with my innate strengths and use them as powerful tools in my journey. One of the standout aspects of this coaching session was the focus on utilising my strengths to their fullest potential, and how these strengths could be channelled to overcome obstacles and work towards my aspirations. It left me feeling equipped and empowered. 

A safe space using my strengths to support my wellbeing

Rebecca had clearly prepared with thoughtfulness and insight for our sessions. Rebecca carefully managed a working environment that felt gentle and safe from the start, but also offered new learning, new perspectives and personal challenges for me to explore without judgment. Rebecca listened with attentiveness and gave reflective feedback, often reframing and clarifying thoughts I had shared in a way that allowed me to make connections that I hadn’t previously recognised between my thoughts, feelings & behaviours. Rebecca also skillfully brought in the science and research behind suggested hypotheses and possible next steps, which gave me a sense of a secure foundation and reasoning for the suggested possible conclusions or future actions.
I am in my 50’s, seen plenty of life, explored lots of ways to understand myself, my thoughts, feelings and behaviours, both through a work lens and in my personal life. Self analysis and reflective thinking are part and parcel of my daily life. I journal daily, use yoga and mediation most days. I am lucky that my work allows me to explore and learn about what helps us to be our best as human beings, including delivering training to support relational practice and supporting others to understanding ways to work in a trauma informed way. However, Rebecca’s ‘Strengthscope’ session brought a level of learning, reflection and new approaches which I hadn’t previously experienced. Rebecca facilitated some deep key reflection for me – around my habitual responses to my strengths and to my self view as a leader. Our conversations have greatly impacted on my confidence to ‘own’ my strengths, the wisdom I have and my ability to be comfortable with myself as a leader. Rebecca has also given me additional layers of knowledge and understanding of my energy ‘givers and drainers’ that is supporting a deeper understanding of how to manage my wellbeing. I would wholeheartedly recommend Rebecca.

Enhancing strengths in my professional life

Her obvious knowledge of using the strengthscope model made the session flow easily. Rebecca explained everything clearly so I knew exactly what to expect. She projected a sense of expertise in her skills and knowledge about the model so I felt confident that I was receiving a high quality feedback session. She had a gentle, inquisitive manner that encouraged me to explore applying my strengths including understanding any risk factors, allowing plenty of time for insight and learning to emerge.
Julie Green

Career next steps

I have really enjoyed the process of working with Rebecca to understand more about my strengths, and how these impact on the ways in which I best work. Rebecca is a patient and thoughtful coach who is able to provide a lot of understanding and insight into the Strengthscope methodology, but also leave a lot of space for personal exploration and understanding. I have found the sessions to be incredibly valuable in helping shape my next career steps, and I thank Rebecca for all her help and support.
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Be your happiest, energised and most authentic self at work.

My mission: to empower women to feel their happiest, most energised and most authentic selves at work.

I’ve been there myself, felt lost in my career direction, struggled to find ‘the real me’ in what I was doing and felt constantly drained by the demands of others and my job, finding myself in jobs that, at the outset, I liked but over time, I just couldn’t figure out how to make it work. It was having a huge impact on both my personal and professional life.

I then found Strengthscope and it literally changed my life!

I began to rebuild my foundations centered on my strengths and core values. I paired this stronger sense of self-awareness with coaching and I rediscovered my resourcefulness.

It enabled me to identify the ‘real me’ (which was energising rather than exhausting) and how I can show up authentically in my work and relationships. I’ve shifted my thinking patterns, taking on a more solutions-focused approach and I’m able to clearly see how I can overcome the challenges I’m faced with.

The benefits of this self-development journey are infinite and my confidence, well-being and motivation for life grows every day!

I am passionate about what strengths coaching can offer and I am driven to share what I’ve learnt with other women, so we can all feel empowered and flourish in our career!

Take a listen to my podcast and YouTube channel for my story, how I help women thrive and tools and tips to start supporting your own journey to flourishing

Reignite Your Passion in Your Career

Find meaning, purpose & confidence to thrive in your professional life.

Rebecca Bradford Green - Coach - Ruffle Mentoring

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