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Australia, Melbourne (AEDT)
Author, Life Coach, Mindset/Personal Growth, Speaker

The Health and Healing Coach

Are you ready to take back control of your health and align your choices with what you deeply value?

Tracey McBeath is a mum of 5, author, global health coach and mentor, a Nutrition Network lecturer and mentor, qualified personal trainer, public speaker, and the founder of the Low Carb Lifestyle Hub.

At 40 she was propelled to totally change her lifestyle after a fatty liver and pre diabetes diagnosis. Now at nearly 50 she has never been leaner, healthier, and full of energy to keep up with her very busy and full life. Her purpose in life is to help other women return to full health, energy and vitality so they can live a life truly aligned with their values.

As an insight based coach, Tracey shows people the path towards real, sustained change by showing her clients how to bridge that gap between knowing and doing. She runs two long term membership programs, one for people looking for coaching, and one for coaches looking for mentoring, support and insight on how to have more impact with their own clients.

In 2021, Tracey wrote her first book, You Have Today: 100 Insights That Will Change Your Life. In June 2023, Tracey will also be speaking at TedEx Katoomba. Something she is both nervous and thrilled about! Her topic is “From Reactionary to Neutral Observer.”

Her purpose in life is to help other women return to full health, energy and vitality so they can live a life truly aligned with their values.

“It’s the wisdom inside me that allows me to see the wisdom that lives inside of you.”


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“You are helping people do more than regain control of their health. You are helping them build the foundation of an abundant life.” Milissa

How I Help You

  • Learn optimal body and brain nutrition
  • Release yourself from unhelpful habits
  • Conquer temporary motivation
  • Accessing your innate confidence
  • Managing stress
  • Gain clarity around what matters to you
  • Helping you show up for yourself every day




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Tracey has been a positive force and source of inspiration since the day we met. She imparts her wisdom and guides you along your path of self awareness, pulling back the veil that has masked the acceptance and the love that has always been there for you… it all becomes visible as you become the expert in your own life.Tracey has a relaxed style that immediately puts you at ease and allows you to open your mind to the possibilities that await. She is a treasured mentor and a great blessing in my life. 
Helena Kastanis

Tracey shines a light on your own path

Before signing up with Tracey for Coach Mentoring, I was struggling to get the courage and see my real potential. I already knew through my own health journey that for long term behaviour change I needed to take on new insights and new thinking. But I did not know how to show that to my own clients. Tracey showed me it was right there within me the whole time and that all I had to do was believe in myself.Tracey’s training is top notch and she guides you the whole way. With each session I find myself wanting more. Tracey is a bright shining star ready to share her light with anyone curious and when you are done you will see yourself shining light on others too. Tracey will change your life in the most positive way and help you find it all right there within you.“You just have to have the desire to look, the vulnerability to see, and the courage to fall in to it.”
Thank you Tracey for being a bright shining star and for making these insights so very visible! 
Tia Reid

Tracey is very real, full of common sense and a women of her convictions

I came across Tracey via social media, and though I’m pretty sure I followed her work for a while, it started speaking to me when I was ready to hear her message! I am an Exercise Physiologist, worked as a PT,  and in recent years, trained as a Health Coach, Pilates and Yoga teacher. I was inspired by leaders in the holistic health community, but was struggling to pull it all together for myself and my family. I had ‘quit sugar’ years before and effortlessly lost weight and felt the strongest, fittest and most comfortable in my body and self that I had ever been, but over a few years had returned to a moderation approach to my diet which just led to weight gain, less exercise, poorer health, and low moods, all to the detriment of my confidence, relationships and life. I had been ‘trying’ to change my diet for 5 years but not wholeheartedly committing and I had always through my adult life struggled with my moods, thoughts and emotions. Though I had many tools to help and a spiritual relationship that had resulted in great shifts over the years, I still felt lost in my inner world and knew I was getting in my own way. I think I was really ready for change by the time I met Tracey so I jumped in and embraced the LCHF message and way of life. I had perhaps known intellectually that was the way to go, but having her as my coach really encouraged me to get on and do it. Having her conviction, support and encouragement meant my transition was really successful and months on I feel so confident in living this way. What I didn’t realise is that her utilisation of the 3 Principles and insight based coaching would help me so much in both changing my diet but also with my mental health! It has helped me to bring everything together, like the pieces of the puzzle are all falling into place. Learning how my mind works, understanding the nature of thought and knowing I can give that thought less attention has been a revelation. I often got so lost in my feelings and they felt so real to me and had become self sabotaging stories that were creating my life. I can see now that my attempts to change before just led me back to the same old habits again and again. And I’m not just talking about reaching for the toast or chocolate but more the habitual thoughts that I’m not enough. I have found working with Tracey to be ‘insightful’, extremely practical and very simple. It’s like peeling back all the stuff and getting to the heart of the matter. I truly now know what I can do everyday in small ways to change and enrich my life. All the things I want are already within me, and the possibility of them coming forth are possible now because of what I’ve learnt with Tracey. Tracey is a beautiful person, she is warm, encouraging and supportive. I find her very real, full of common sense and a woman of her convictions. I am always inspired by her and am full of admiration for what she is doing in the world.
Lynda Rose

Amazing coach. Amazing at what she does!

I have been connected with Tracey for 4 years now. I am a doctor in Australia. She is such an amazing person, now a wonderful friend, a colleague, and a mentor for my work. She opens up my eyes to different insights about things I didn’t know about myself. Her work is inspiring. She teaches how we can all THRIVE, not just SURVIVE. My life has certainly changed with her in it.
Avi Charlton

Passionate, Caring & Inspirational

Tracey is a wealth of knowledge and passionate about helping people see beyond what they think is possible, especially when it comes to health- Mind and Body. She can hold a space for you that is not judgemental and that will allow you to tap into your own inner wisdom.  I have known Tracey for many years now and she is someone who I respect and admire especially for her patience, understanding, and supportive approach to everything that she does. She truly leads by example.   Whenever I have a question, I feel I’m in the right spot to get reliable, honest, and trustworthy information. She has led me down so many rabbit holes I didn’t know existed and I have loved every one of them. Each one is a tool in my tool box to improve my health and that of my clients. Thank You Tracey for creating a community that is warm, welcoming, and educational.
Jodi Dunell
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Are you living the life you want to live?

There is a book written by a lady called Bonnie Ware called The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying. The number one regret of the dying is, “that I didn’t have the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Powerful stuff.

Why for so many of us do we not live a life true to ourselves? I think there are many factors that come in to that for every single person, but for me, it comes back to not trusting in who I deeply am. Who I am beyond my conditioned thought, the stories, and the external pressures that tell us who we should be in this world.

It is truly possible to life a life true to you. Let me take you there.

Making big changes and aligning your life with your heart isn’t easy. It requires courage, patience, persistence, compassion… just to name a few.

But like so many things in life, the things that are the hardest to do, come with the greatest rewards.

And regret free living is to me, one of the greatest rewards this one life truly offers us.

On my website you will find many interviews and read a great deal about my journey and how I now help others to help themselves. I encourage you to have a look through the following links if you’re curious.

The day you decide to stop running away from yourself is the day your life will change.

Who am I and what do I do?

My Podcast

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Love Tracey xxx


It is truly possible to life a life true to you.

Let me take you there.

Tracey McBeath - Ruffle Mentoring

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