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Ruffle is an online curated marketplace that seamlessly matches women with a diverse range of business and personal growth mentors.

Ruffle makes mentoring accessible with cost-effective, on-demand mentoring. Mentoring is conducted on-on-one via Zoom. You can also get some ‘free stuff’ such as Ruffle Magazine, Blog and eBooks.

We believe in complete transparency so there are no surprises!

It’s as simple as visiting the ‘Find a Mentor’ page to view the Mentors where you can read about their experience, areas of expertise and costs.

You can book one session or multiple sessions and book with different Mentors depending on your changing needs.

How cool is that!

It’s super easy! Visit the ‘Find a Mentor Page‘ to read about our amazing Mentors. Click on their image or ‘View Mentor’ button to visit their profile for more detail. Once you have selected your Mentor click on the Book Now button underneath their photo and choose your session, day and time… answer a few easy questions to assist your Mentor and you’re away!

You will then receive a confirmation email with tips to be ready for your call and Zoom link.

We know what it’s like when you sign-up on a website and then get inundated with emails. We’ll let you know when the latest Ruffle Magazine is released (3-4 times per year), and you’ll have access to some great ‘free stuff’ to help you on your journey.

(Registration also reduces spam from our site which is really important).

Yes! However, please give as much notice as possible (min 24hrs) so your Mentor can offer that time to someone else.

You’ll see a ‘Reschedule’ link at the bottom of your original confirmation booking email.  You can change to another day/time . If you would like to choose a different Mentor please email us at and we’ll sort it for you no problem!

We realise that ‘life’ can get in the way. However, as the Mentors are very busy in their own lives, and have put time aside for you, please ensure that your reason for cancelling is unavoidable.

If you do need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible by clicking on the ‘Cancel’ button at the bottom of your confirmation email.

This will notify the Ruffle office and we can organise to either reschedule your session or provide a refund/gift voucher.

You can also contact your Mentor by logging on to the Ruffle website and using the direct messaging service. Just click on the message icon at the bottom of their Mentor page.

Sorry babe, but your Mentor has put valuable time aside in her schedule and if you forget and don’t show, you forgo your session.  So set the alert on your phone! We also send you 24hr and 1hr reminders.

If, however, something major happened, (like your house was on fire or your child got hurt) then please contact the office by email at and we will work something out for you.

That’s the beauty of Ruffle Mentoring. No subscriptions or lock-in contracts. Just ‘pay as you go’ and enjoy working with different Mentors depending on what you need at the time! How great is that?

Please contact the Ruffle office via email at and we will ensure you are looked after! No problem!  It isn’t common, but it can happen. 

To minimise this happening, please make sure you approach every session prepared.  You lead the session, rather than the Mentor.  What we mean by that is: the responsibility to get what you need from the call is up to you.

We want you to have a great experience, so if you have any concerns please let us know.

Because each mentor has such a lot of experience, many of them in a number of fields, what you need is guided by you.

One size does NOT fit all – you are unique and so is your Mentor 🙂

Yes! Once you are registered you can contact your Mentor via the direct messaging service on their profile page. Just log-in, navigate to the Mentor’s profile and click on the ‘message’ button under their photo or the message icon at the bottom right-hand side of the page.

Yes! You don’t require a Zoom account. Just click on the link provided in your booking email and you may be asked to enter the meeting ID (also in your email).

If however, you wish to set up an account, it’s very simple and free. Visit to join.

Be as clear as you can be about what you want to get out of your call.

When you book, you’ll be asked a few simple questions about where you’re at. This helps your Mentor be prepared for you. 

Here’s a few more tips:

  1. Make sure you have the Zoom link and know how to join your call.
  2. Have a pen/paper/device with you, so you can write down the pearls of wisdom as your Mentor speaks with you!
  3. Be somewhere quiet for your call and ensure you have no interruptions. Get the kids looked after, put the dog outside lock the door… whatever you need to do to ensure this time is for YOU!
  4. Make sure your equipment works!  Your sound is on, your video is on, your internet is on, your device is charged… you don’t want anything to disrupt your beautiful learning!
  5. Allow plenty of time to get on the call and afterward to sit with your learnings when you have finished.  This way you have time to write notes on thoughts that come up as you process your session once it’s finished.


You deserve this time, just for you, to grow 😉

And remember, your Mentor will share their wisdom with you. However, it’s up to you to take action and really drive where you are going in life and business. Super exciting!

And don’t forget, we are here with you for the ride 🙂

If you feel you have something to offer other women then we’d love to hear from you.

Visit our ‘Become a Mentor’ page and complete the brief questionnaire. Once we receive your Expression of Interest we’ll be in touch within 48hrs. 

We take our Mentor selection very seriously and work hard to maintain the right balance of Mentor skills with client demand.

Therefore, when we take on a Mentor, their skills and experience needs to fill a ‘gap.’ This is so we can position our Mentors for maximum success on the platform.

Make sure you have a good look around the website and subscribe to Ruffle Magazine so you can get a good idea of what we do and whether Ruffle might be a fit for you.

All payments are processed via Stripe which is a safe and secure credit card payment system.

Ruffle does not hold any credit card information.

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