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"You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream" CS Lewis

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Choose from a directory of handpicked women who are top leading mentors and life coaches. It’s so easy for you to find your perfect life coach.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with life’s challenges, or ned help to achieve a goal. This is where your life coach can be SO valuable. 

Is it time to get your mojo back or discover your potential? 

"Before the session I was feeling really overwhelmed... I gained the clarity I was looking for."

Emily, New Zealand
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"To only spend one hour and get so many ‘moments’ was beyond expectation."

Helen, QLD, Australia

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You deserve to be more, have more, and do more in your life, don’t you think? We will emphatically say yes you do! You were designed to realise your potential in this life and therefore we’re right here with you.

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Melissa Meagher

The Rebel Money Coach

Are you ready to clear your money blocks, become empowered & in control of managing your money? 

Finance Mentor

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Michelle Mann

Art and Spirit Coaching

Need some clarity? Online or in-person psychic readings, numerology, healing, and art workshops.

Art Therapist
Life Coach

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Dr Tracy Stanley

Business, Executive Coach

I assist you in positive organisational change, employee engagement, & creating an engaging life!

Business Strategist
Executive Coach
Social Scientist

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Amanda Gore

Speaking & Mindset Coach

Public Speaking Coach, Personal Growth Mentor. Amanda offers 1:1 speaking and mindset mentoring.

Life Coach
NLP Practitioner
Speaking Coach

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Michelle Scheibner

Personal Brand Strategist

Find the path to your personal brand story. Identity Coach, Speaker, Author, Activator.

Branding Coach
Executive Coach
Life Coach
Marketing Executive
Personal Brand Strategist
Professional Speaker
Career Coach

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Anne Wicking

Pivot Life

A CEO for 16yrs, including Board & Consulting, I help you lean into your authentic leadership.

Board Advisor

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Michelle Springett

Expressive Art Therapy

Have fun as your explore & discover yourself & soul through art therapy! 1:1, Group, Events.

Art Therapist
Life Coach
Workshop Facilitator

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Hayley Mayer

Innerspace Counselling

I help you achieve positive psychology in relationships, grief, depression, anxiety and much more...

Life Coach

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Claire Takacs

Wild Women Take on Fifty

Taking off the stereotypes about women over 50. How do you want to live the rest of your life?

Life Coach
Workshop Facilitator

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Anna Lane

Career & Mindset Coach

I help both teens and young women. Claim the career & lifestyle you truly desire.

Life Coach
Career Coach

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Karyn Lynch

Karyn Lynch Business Coaching

Are you an established business ready to grow your business and get clear on your vision, goals, marketing, pricing, sales, or profit?

Business Strategist
Professional Speaker
Finance Mentor

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I felt heard, encouraged and gently challenged to move in the direction of my dreams.

Rosemary, QLD, Australia


Ready To Create The Life Of Your Dreams?

One-on-one life coaching provides personalised support to help women make their dreams and goals a reality.  If you are looking to bridge the gap between inner critic and inner peace, find a mentor or life coach here!

Take Control Back Over Your Life

What A Life Coach Can Do For You

Above all, it’s time for you to discover your inner power!

First up, making the decision to choose a life coach is your first and most important step in your journey to discovering the power you truly have. Then next, your life coach will work with you to find out what’s holding you back and how to overcome barriers and obstacles.

It’s time for YOU. Put yourself first and make it happen. No one else will do it for you. 

In truth, your life coach will help you find the answers for yourself. They support you on the path to discovering your amazing strength and abilities.

How cool will that feel? Seriously?

Life coaching can include guidance in excelling in your career or business, becoming happy and fulfilled in your relationships, not to mention exploring your potential, managing health conditions and achieving life ambitions.

Yes, you can do this!


Many people are unhappy with their relationships, whether it is to do with romantic relationships or interactions with family members, friends and colleagues. A life coach can help you learn how to communicate effectively, implement personal boundaries, maintain healthy connections all while gaining clarity around your personal values.

Business Life

Work life can be difficult, whether we are an employee or business owner. Many of use get so absorbed into the work we do that we begin to neglect ourselves. Coaches are able to help you build confidence, develop leadership skills, enhance decision making and assess your work-life balance so that you can achieve success in all areas.

Personal Life

There is much to see, do and learn in this world, but you may lack the confidence, time and willpower to step out of your comfort zone.

Life coaches use specialist skills to motivate and inspire you to take that first step.

Your decision could be life changing!

Need More Guidance?

Marketing Coach

Gain fresh insight and get marketing results.

Business Mentor

Take your business to the next level today.

Finance Mentor

Gain empowerment and take control.

Growth Mentor

Journey to greater personal development.

Leadership Mentor

Helping you realise your leadership potential.


Make Life Changing Mindset Shifts.

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Life coaching is becoming more popular, with people seeking guidance to navigate life’s challenges.

We believe women deserve easy access to high-quality guidance and advice. If you would like to reach more women by listing with Ruffle – get in touch today!

Life Mentor FAQs

Learn More About Life Mentoring & Coaching

Are you looking for a leading life mentor? We have answered some frequently asked questions about mentorship relationships.

A life mentor can provide many benefits, including helping you to set and achieve goals, providing support and encouragement, offering advice and guidance, and holding you accountable. A life mentor can also help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and offer suggestions for how you can improve your life. In short, a life mentor can be a powerful tool for helping you to achieve success in your personal and professional life!

Ruffle Mentoring is a directory that helps connect women with leading female mentors and coaches who have the experience and expertise they are seeking. In addition, we are committed to providing a safe space that allows women access to  mentors and coaches to help them achieve their goals.

Ruffle offers a simple and straightforward connection process. Simply use the search function to look for a coach or mentor that matches your goals, view their profile, socials or website and connect with them directly. Too easy!

Many offer a discovery call so you can see if they’re a good fit before you proceed – no strings attached! 

Yes! We are always looking for leading female mentors to join our directory. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out our form and we will be in touch!