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The Power Of A
Woman Mentor

“A mentor empowers a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained" - Shawn Hitchcock

Mentoring For Her

The Power Of A Woman Mentor

Today, woman are making great strides in the workplace as more and more women lean in and work towards growth. One of the best ways to encourage growth and development is through a woman mentor or coach.  

Unfortunately, despite the success many women are seeing, it is still a struggle for many to break the mold. However, there is a solution – Mentoring and Coaching! Women who have a mentor or coach are known to have more success in both their personal and professional life.

Mentoring programs are a versatile solution that connects people with knowledge, skills and experience with others looking to develop the very same. By having a mentor who shares advice, offers guidance, challenges existing beliefs and be a sounding board

Ruffle is dedicated to female growth and has created a directory where women can find successful women coaches and mentors from all walks of life, to teach, lead and encourage. Whether you are looking to grow your career, improve your relationships, start a business or take steps towards building yourself, Ruffle has a trusted woman mentor or coach to help you!

Helping Women Move Beyond Their Limits

What Is A Mentor?

Whether you are looking for personal growth or are working towards your next big business goal, Mentors can play a valuable role in all walks of life.

Sometimes we need to find a mentor to be our sounding board, share solid business strategies, give a gentle nudge into action, or encourage with a kind understanding word… because Ruffle mentors know what you’re going through.

At Ruffle, you can find a directory of experts across a variety of fields. With an amazing selection of talented, experienced woman mentors you can grow your career, improve your relationships, find your purpose, start a new business or adapt to change all without self-sabotage!

We all need guidance from time to time. No matter your needs or journey you will find one-on-one mentoring programs from trusted women who have been-there-done-that! If they can succeed, so can you!

Connect with some of our remarkable mentors today!

Woman Mentor- Mother and Daughter

Women Mentors For Womens' Success

Did You Know?

Women who work full time are behind men by 14% – 21% in average weekly earnings, despite the fact that women out-number men at almost every educational level in most countries.

But mentorship isn’t about a war against the establishment. It’s about actively supporting and encouraging women to be all they want to be – professionally and personally.

How We Help

It's About Time

Mentorship can be intimidating, however both mentor and mentee can stand to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience a myriad of benefits they wouldn’t otherwise get when alone! There is a lot to learn from someone who has more experience.

In addition to the benefits women see in themselves, they also tend to shine their positive energy outward, and often unwittingly, create an environment of success. So mentoring women actually causes a major positive domino effect in society!

The Benefits Of A Woman Mentor

Changing Perceptions

Many women feel that they are not valued, whether this is in the workplace on in their personal relationships. Along with being under appreciated, many women do not get the tools they need to create a successful path towards their goals and ambitions. This often results in feelings of being stuck and unmotivated.

When given the opportunity, women thrive under mentorships. Mentoring gives women the opportunity to observe their obstacles and talents in a new light so they may develop strategies to successfully move forward.

Enhance Your Skill Development

One of the biggest reasons to seek out a professional mentorship is to learn from women who have seen success. They provide personal experience with obstacles, challenges and development in general, giving women insight on navigating this process successfully.

Mentoring is one of the quickest ways of transferring knowledge and skills, accelerating empowerment in every aspect, from the workplace, personal relationships and within! Through this online platform you can find quality advice and guidance to help women develop their full potential.

Finding Clear Goals

Traditionally, many women do not self-advocate nearly as much as they do for others, making it difficult to determine or understand their ambitions. Through mentorships, women become more aware about what they want out of their life. It provides a safe space, where they can openly discuss and work towards their goals – all with a guiding hand and a cheer!

Staying Accountable

We all know how difficult it is to stay on track, and as a women it can be even more difficult. Having to navigate work, life and family obligations it is easy to forget about the goals they are working towards.

Being a part of a mentoring relationship helps keep women accountable for their goals. This guiding hand helps make development easier and all the more achievable.

Boost Your Confidence

Networking is crucial for any women looking to move forward in their career. Having a mentor opens them up to a whole new world of people, skills and experiences. They are introduced to other successful women, who can also impart sound knowledge about their journey.

When a mentored women finally achieves her goals, they are then also able to mentor other women, continuing this cycle of success and further building a network of much needed female mentors

Get Connected, Take Action & Move Forward

Helping Women Grow

Ruffle Women's Mentoring

But Here’s The Problem

Women are often asked to be a mentor for free – “Can I buy you a coffee/lunch and pick your brain?”

By the time you do this quite a few times, you realise these supposedly free lunches are really costing you. Dearly. Karyn from Ruffle Mentoring one counted up a total of 13 hours of free mentoring in one week!

But here is the kicker – only two of them bothered doing anything with the valuable information that was given.  Information, others all happily pay for.

Six Months Later

“It’s time we stopped giving away our services and skills – it’s a real problem and the only way it will stop is if we value our own time and be the example for other women!”

Women are generally nurturing souls so this often means we already give so much. School, kids, parents, friends, family and more! It’s time to value our skills and maybe this will help in closing the gender earning gap too!

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Guiding, Inspiring, Mentoring

Find A Woman Mentor Today

At Ruffle we are banding together. Women mentoring women. With a growing directory of coaches and mentors who offer value-packed programs, we are empowering women to take on the world, their goals and their own self-worth.

Mentors in the Ruffle Directory are skilled, having worked bloody hard to get to where they are today! So you can rest assure that you’re getting experience and wisdom second to none. 

Are you ready to find a mentor? Connect. They’d love to meet you.

Let’s share, learn, get inspired and start truly realising our own potential. We might even change some stats in the process!

Mentor FAQs

Learn More About Mentorships

Are you looking for a mentor? We have answered some frequently asked questions about mentorship relationships.

There are many benefits when taking part in a mentor program. Mentors can provide invaluable support and guidance as you pursue your personal and professional goals. A mentor can help you gain new skills and knowledge, improve your performance at work, and make progress toward your long-term goals. They identify areas of improvement and help develop an action plan to address these areas. Lastly, a mentor can provide support and encouragement when you feel overwhelmed or discouraged.

Ruffle is a growing directory that connects women with leading female mentors and coaches who have the experience and expertise they are seeking. Ruffle is committed to providing a place that helps women achieve their goals.

By using Ruffle directory, you are automatically assisting Ruffle to provide housing for at-risk women. How cool is that?

Ruffle has a wide variety of mentors listed in its directory, all with different backgrounds and areas of expertise. You can search for mentors or coaches by the goals your are looking to achieve. Our mentors have experience in a number of industries including Business, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Leadership, Growth, and more.

Ruffle offers a simple and straightforward connection process. Simply search for mentors that match your goals, view their profile, reviews and check out their socials and website.

You will then be able to connect with them and book the package or session that works for you.

Many of our mentors offer free discovery calls too so you can get a great idea of what mentoring with them will be like.

Yes! We are always looking for leading female mentors to join our directory. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out our form and we will be in touch!