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Kc Rossi

Heart Glow CEO™

USA, New York (EST)
Business Strategist, Executive Coach, Mindset/Personal Growth, NLP Practitioner

Say Yes to Your Identity Evolution

Go from a people-pleasing, burned-out perfectionist to a profitable powerhouse.

Are you an entrepreneur CEO? Me too!

When I ditched the outdated paradigm of hustling and grinding my way to thetop, everything changed.

Want to know what happened?

For years I fell into overscheduling, over-delivering, and over-working. This resulted in adrenal fatigue and burnout.

Once I gave myself permission to approach business in a feminine way habits like people-pleasing and perfectionism slowly dissolved. I realized that I could bring all of myself to the table and live in a more integrated way. This helped me build 6 and 7+ figure businesses, and this is what I help my clients do too.

What does it look like?

  • Optimizing your productivity, profits, and purpose in a way that aligns with your soul.
  • Tapping into your deep why so that you have a guiding star when things feel rocky.
  • Getting to the root of the things that hold you back and make you feel stuck.
  • Going beyond surface strategies and embodying your identity evolution to become unstoppable.

Is this what you’re looking for too?

If so, I invite you to book a complimentary Discovery Call to see how I can support you.

Until then… breathe joy.

“I was drowning when I met Kc. She gently guided me through an intense and rewarding revitalization of my business framework through her holistic approach that nudged me in directions I never thought possible.” ~ Sharon

How I Help You

  • Feel 100% seen and heard for who you authentically are in our sacred one-on-one private coaching setting.
  • Dissolve any limiting beliefs at the root so that you can remove the blocks that are holding you back from thriving through Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP).
  • Powerfully rewire your brain so you can develop new habits that give you the results that you desire through mindset strategies.
  • Develop confidence and charisma to increase your influence and impact through emotional intelligence.
  • Draw on your body’s wisdom and increase your intuition for true clarity through somatic experiencing.
  • Live a fulfilled and meaningful life through soul alignment and identity evolution.
Kc Rossi - Ruffle Mentoring
Kc Rossi - Heart Glow CEO - Ruffle Mentoring

Work with Me

With almost 8 billion people on the planet, I believe you landed on my page for a divine reason. If you are ready to level up from the inside out, book a complimentary, no-obligation Discovery Call to see if we’re the perfect fit.

I offer:

One-on-One Coaching:
A single Clarity & Confidence call
6-month Transformation Package

Emotional Intelligence Deep Dive:
Personal Assessment
Powerful Coaching Debrief

Heart Glow CEO™ Retreat:
Private 1:1 in-person 6-day retreat nestled in the foothills of the Finger Lakes in Upstate, NY

Click the Message Me button below to book your complimentary, no-obligation Discovery Call.

My Experience

  • Certified Team and Leadership Coach
  • Certified Heroic Coach
  • Certified Mind Body Coach
  • Certified Mindset Coach
  • Certified Mindset Dimensions Practitioner
  • Certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner
  • Approved EQi-2.0 Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • Certified Aromatherapist
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) Member
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

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Making my Vision & Projects Come to Life

Kc helps me make my creative vision for my business a reality. She is a true expert for solopreneurs. She gets me over my technology blocks and provides the structure and processes that allow me to move forward. Prior to hiring Kc, I was stuck. I could not move forward without help. I knew what I wanted, but I did not have all the skills to accomplish and make my visions and projects come to life. Kc’s expertise is crucial to the success of my programs and my business. She is a trusted advisor I can rely on and as a solopreneur,her expertise is priceless and crucial to my success.
Jodi Baglien

I Gained Insight Creating Momentum & Confidence

Since my coaching experience with Kc, I’ve recognized patterns of thinking about sales and teaching that had previously limited me. In addition to launching a new brand and website, during our time together I enrolled 3 new clients, booked 4 speaking gigs, created and sold my first live masterclass, and developed my first online course! — All of this development has helped me clarify and communicate the core of my desired business. Kc is a deep listener, always supportive and responsive. She would always honor how I wanted to spend time in our sessions, yet also gave gentle but clear nudges about things I needed to pay attention to. I would definitely recommend Kc – her process provides structure, support, and insight that creates momentum and confidence. Kc is clear, compassionate, always focused on your success, willing to challenge you when you need it, and an all-around wonderful person to connect with. As a coach myself, I needed someone experienced and able to examine things at a deep level. Kc did all that and has become a friend in the process! I highly recommend Kc if you’re looking to up level your work and your mindset!
Kristin Fragnoli

My Life Changed Personally & Professionally

Prior to signing up for coaching, I was hesitant because of the financial investment and I was unsure whether Kc would understand my field of work. Since working with Kc, she not only understands exactly the type of work I do but was someone I could lean on (which made the world of difference and the support was like no other!). Kc’s empathy and compassion are invaluable. Her knowledge was worth every dollar spent. Knowing I had Kc to lean on kept me from downward spiraling. I would absolutely recommend Kc’s business coaching to other solopreneurs! She’s changed my life both personally and professionally.
Lynn Therrien

Kc Helped Me Shift my Paradigm & Mindset

Kc Rossi is a wonderful business and mindset coach with a niche for holistic entrepreneurs. She understands the industry of holistic therapies which was necessary for my personal growth as an entrepreneur as well as for the organization of my business programs. Kc helped me to organize my material and then create new material for my current signature program. In addition, I have learned to leverage my previous material to build my target audience. Personally, I’ve gained confidence and clarity about sharing my expertise and niche. Kc will guide you to go deep within yourself to discover ideas and more that will shift your paradigm and mindset! Feeling stuck or in a rut like I was in my business? Kc will help you make “shift” happen :-) Kc is always positive and has great insight and suggestions to enhance my experience. I value her expertise and she is a wonderful mentor and accountability partner. I have learned a lot and am so grateful I took this step and invested in myself and my dreams/vision. I would absolutely recommend Kc to other entrepreneurs.
Debra Reis

A New Direction I Never Thought Possible

I enrolled in Kc Rossi’s coaching program because she offered the tools I needed for success under one platform. It was clear I needed help. I was spread thin over several websites without a cohesive link. I was drowning in marketing strategies as I struggled with unrealized goals and earning potential. I met Kc through a Women’s Network. She was upbeat, a great listener, and genuinely sincere. She invited me to follow her Facebook page, and shortly after that, I booked a call, which would ultimately mark a pivotal point in my life both professionally and personally. Kc gently guided me through an intense and rewarding revitalization of my business framework through her holistic approach that nudged me in directions I never thought possible. She ushered forth loads of self-worth strategies that supported the whole of me through her top-notch coaching program before releasing the most impressive web design and branding. Through Kc’s coaching program, I have blossomed into a leading authority in my field of expertise as I help aspiring authors realize their writing dreams.
Sharon CassanoLochman
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✨ Catch a Spark of Inspiration ✨

Kc hosts the 5-star Women Developing Brilliance® — The Spirit of Business podcast; a show dedicated to cultivating confidence, increasing visibility, elevating vibration, and leading with purpose.

She is an Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine. Her work has been highlighted in ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Thrive Global, SmallBizDaily, and the International Journal of Professional Holistic Aromatherapists.

When she is offline, you can find her meditating, whipping up plant-based eats, or hiking the Finger Lakes Trail in Upstate, New York.

Named as one of the Top 13 Business Coaches Today – Cash Flow Podcasting

One of the Top 10 Most Inspiring Business Women in 2021 – Insights Success

One of the Top 500 Influential Leaders Making a Difference – Brainz Magazine

Level Up from the Inside Out

Ready to Optimize Your Performance and Profits?

Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, connectively, and collectively!
Kc Rossi - Ruffle Mentoring

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