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Leanne O’Sullivan

Adventure Digital

Australia, Sunshine Coast (AEST)
Business Owner, Business Strategist, Marketing Executive, Web Developer

Grow your Business: Bigger, Bolder, Better

I help you get Clarity, Confidence & Clients by embracing digital marketing tools and tactics.

I am a digital marketing ‘all rounder’ having worked across a range of roles, geographies, and industries, but always with a focus on customer experience, evidence based strategy, innovation, and ROI.

With over 30 years of business experience, I’m just as happy getting my hands dirty as I am defining strategy. I see myself as a commercially astute, analytic professional and believe that everything is measurable and doable!

I provide extensive expertise and hands on know-how in lead generation, brand awareness and social media marketing and can help you build a holistic digital marketing strategy that is right for you and your business. I understand intimately what’s required for your online business to succeed. We’ll get clear on your numbers (reach, traffic, CTR, conversions) going beyond the pretty and focusing on the strategy and steps you need to build your success.

With the support of my team plus my online digital education training system, I know I can help you get the clarity you need to take the next step, the confidence in your ability to execute and of course help you secure those clients!


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If you need to broaden your reach, increase your brand clarity and visibility and attract more of the right clients and customers, but are mystified by the process I cannot recommend Leanne more highly to help you with those goals. ~ Angela

How I Help You

  • Gain Clarity around who you are talking to ( your ideal clients) and what they are looking for ( hopefully your products and services ) and how they wish to receive this information (what channels and tools are the using).
  • Get Confident in what you need to do in relation to Digital Marketing (or make the right calls when you outsource the work) – Confidence comes from knowledge and knowledge is power!
  • Get Clients – Build a sales pipeline and nurture those prospects in your pipeline using the framework outlined in my Digital Ascent program.
  • Audit your own Digital Ecosystem and identify what elements from Web, Social, Content and Search are missing from your Digital Marketing Plans.
  • Learn how to plug your digital marketing gaps and start building that profitable, sustainable and enjoyable business we all want.
Leanne O'Sullivan Coaching - Ruffle Mentoring Digital Marketing Coach
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Work With Me

Working across your full Digital Ecosystem (Web, Social, Content & Search), business owners can work with me in 3 ways.

  • DIY – Join the Digital Ascent online program and learn how to craft and execute a digital marketing strategy.
  • 1-on-1 mentoring in Digital Marketing where I guide you through the processes you need to understand and implement.
  • Work with my agency on a retainer plan to help you build a sustainable, profitable and enjoyable business.


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My Experience

For over 20 years I have been working in the Digital Marketing space. From building a Web Development team in our garage with my husband, I have seen, built, experienced and also failed at Digital Marketing and come out the other side.

I strongly believe that you can succeed!

I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t. I’ve learnt how to identify fads and what has legs.

Specifically my experience is wide and deep in the following areas.

– Web Development
– Social Media Marketing and Strategy
– Content Marketing Strategy and Writing
– Search Engine Optimisation
– Facebook Ads, Google Ads
– Lead Generation & Marketing Automations

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Creating a Sound Digital Marketing Strategy

I would highly recommend Leanne to anyone looking to maximise business & professional success via the creation of sound digital marketing strategy & a highly professional online presence.

For those who have much to learn about the digital world, Leanne immediately inspires confidence. Backed by a wealth of experience, she was able to quickly assess my unique situation, reflect it back to me in a way that conveyed understanding, & quickly helped me to understand what would happen next (both short-term & long-term).

Just as importantly, she helped me help myself by giving less time to low-value tasks & activities, & more time to high-value tasks & activities. In addition, Leanne patiently answered dozens of questions on all the changes we were working through & was highly responsive to any requests that I made.

Finally, Leanne coached me through moments of self-doubt & uncertainty (of which there were many) & brought optimism to every meeting. Needless to say, she constantly called out my successes (of which, I’m happy to say, there were also many).

For all these reasons, I highly recommend Leanne if you’re wanting a digital marketing expert who will take a genuine interest in your business & professional goals, & go the extra mile to help you achieve them.
Dr Gordon Spence

Creating Effective Content & Material

For the past several months I have been working with Leanne and wanted to state publicly what a fantastic experience it has been so far. For years, ‘marketing’ has been on my to do list. Ideas have been in my head but basically nothing much had ever eventuated. Within a few short months, Leanne and her team have drawn out material from my head and used a bunch of existing resources I had to create blogs, landing pages, service guides and social media across four of my main services! It is fantastic to see how a professional team which knows what it is doing can create effective – and beautiful – content and material that works!

For any business owner who has marketing on their to do list and agonises over how to get started, take the easy route and hire Leanne!
Sarah Gillis

Generating Sales Leads

We have been working with Leanne for over 8 months. She’s helped us with our brand development & marketing strategy in an ever-changing digital landscape.
She’s worked with us on our Website SEO, Google Business, Facebook and Instagram, LinkedIn (including a staff wide LI masterclass), business awards applications and promotion of a hugely successful educational event.

Leanne’s strategic thinking and technical knowledge within the digital marketing space is phenomenal- she really is a Sherpa. Leanne has found and fixed problems we did even know we had. She’s able to balance the creativity needed for the marketing space with the practicalities of getting tasks completed on time and on budget.

Her expertise and mentorship is really stepping up our marketing game and we are thoroughly enjoying working with her and the Adventure Digital Team. The best part is seeing the work generate genuine sales leads.
Melanie Dunn

Increase Reach, Brand Clarity & Visibility

I’ve known and worked with Leanne for over 2 years – she has been a client of mine, I’ve recommended her to several of my clients and I’ve become a client myself! I’m constantly impressed by Leanne, she has that rare and invaluable combination of deep experience and expertise coupled with a commitment to staying on the absolute cutting edge of new knowledge and developments in the digital space.

Her Digital Ecosystem framework cuts through the potential overwhelm of the online world. She helps business owners deepen their message and stories and then seamlessly connects them with new audiences through their refined websites, social media, SEO and fabulous content. Leanne and her team make it so easy.

If you know you need to broaden your reach, increase your brand clarity and visibility and attract more of the right clients and customers, but feel somewhat mystified by the process (especially if you’re a “Digital Immigrant” rather than a native), I cannot recommend Leanne more highly to help you with those goals.
Angela Raspass
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