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Melissa Meagher

The Rebel Money Coach

Australia, Brisbane (AEST)
Founder, Investor, Speaker, Finance Mentor

Grow Your Money Mindset Today!

Ready to clear your money blocks, become empowered & gain control of your money?

We often think the first step to start growing your money today and becoming financially independent is to stop spending money, make more money, or generally find more money.

This is simply not the case! Trust me. It is never, ever just about the money…

Whether you are living in a ‘poverty’ mindset, don’t have a full understanding of your financial situation, or just want to handle your money better… believe me, you’re not alone!

I am on a mission to support you to claim your financial independence, activate your abundance, free yourself from limiting beliefs and truly step into your birthright of feeling empowered and in control!

My clients find that once they take a deep dive into their personal finances and shine a light on their relationship with money…

Money no longer becomes a problem!

Oh, and by the way – I never judge you – I’ve been there too believe it or not!

So, let’s clear your money blocks, so you can become empowered and in control of managing your money, today.

“Lots of a-ha moments were more powerful than I expected. I feel empowered, educated, & don’t feel guilty about spending money now like I used to!”

~ Bernie

How I Help You

  • Stop avoiding your finances, clear those money blocks, and take back control of your financial future. Pronto!
  • Learn how to be financially secure for the rest of your life. Get out of the cycle of never having enough.
  • Discover how to manage your money more effectively so you can achieve your goals faster.
  • Fully step into your power and transform your relationship with money
  • Become an authority with money and have courageous conversations with your partners, family, and professionals, coming from a place of strength and credibility
  • Step up and really shine the light on your finances so you can be laser-focused and experience awareness, clarity, and efficiency with your money
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Work With Me

I offer one-on-one coaching as well as:

  • Courage and Confidence Program
  • Financial Freedom Program
  • Group Mastermind Program


Connect to book your free discovery call. No obligation whatsoever.

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Melissa Meagher - Amazing!

Melissa Meagher is an incredible, passionate mentor.  Melissa mentored me over many months and I was always touched by her authenticity and integrity- and what I mean by that is that she really cared about me and my outcome, and also called a spade a spade when I needed to hear it.  I always left our sessions uplifted and focused on what was next for me, my business, and other areas of my life.
Melissa’s sessions were planned and structured.  She took time to understand my values and what I was trying to achieve and modified her approach to best suit me and my goals.  The clarity of this approach meant that I didn’t think our time together was wasted, or a waste of money.
My business has gone from strength to strength and the lessons learned from my time working with Melissa are invaluable moving forward.  Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.
Jennifer Franklin

Amazing to Work With

Melissa is an amazing individual. I started seeing her about 9 months ago to help me get back in track financially after a relationship breakdown. Now financially stable, I’m continuing to see Melissa and she’s helping me go from strength to strength both professionally and personally. The confidence I have gained since meeting with her is incredible. She is genuine, kind and compassionate, and she makes our sessions fun, as well as being super informative. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
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It's Never Just About the Money!

How do we define power, success, and status? You guessed it… MONEY!

The more I work with people, especially women, the more I know this to be true. It is never just about the money! The stories we tell ourselves may present in many ways, but rest assured they are always lurking just below the surface.  Issues and struggles around money are always symptomatic of underlying limiting beliefs around our self-worth and how we value ourselves.

The biggest challenges women face when managing their money are essentially tied up in their own identity. Often, it’s fear of not being in control or losing face with their peers.

Here’s the crazy part. Many people are in the same boat! In over 20 years (plus!) in the finance industry, I cannot begin to tell you how common this is.

Women have a tendency to shy away from anything to do with money and often relinquish control and ownership of their situation. I frequently hear expressions like “I was never good with numbers”.

Where did that come from? Who told you that?

No one taught us this stuff when we were young, but it seems like society assumes we should know all about managing and growing money!

It’s time to start growing your money today. It’s time to stand in your power – not your story.

Read more about this – my 3 tips on Personal, Relationship, and Business Money Insights!

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Melissa Meagher - The Rebel Money Coach

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