is your business mentor ready?

4 Telltale Signs You Need a Business Mentor

(Believe me, not every business is mentor ready, and here’s why)

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“When the Student is Ready, the Teacher will Appear” – Lau Tsu

Do you show signs that you need a business mentor? Well, first, let’s get one thing clear straight off. Not every business is mentor ready. 

To find out if your business might need a mentor, see how many of the four signs below you can check… 

Now, don’t get me wrong – I totally and whole-heartedly believe that having a business mentor is an essential key to accelerating business growth, getting unstuck, increasing your bottom line, and enjoying your business again (such a good feeling).  I’ve engaged business mentors in my business so many times I know only too well how the right business mentor or coach can massively shortcut your journey to success. 

BUT I also know how a business mentor can only help if your business is truly ready.

When I first started out business mentoring after the success of my first business, I actually didn’t plan to be a mentor at all. Nope. It just happened. The phone rang and before I knew it I had a clientele. True story.

What I didn’t know was that not all businesses are mentor ready and, oh-me-oh-my, I’m here to tell you I learned that the hard way. 


I thought everyone would be eager and ready to learn to grow their business! I was wrong. What I learned was that everyone is eager for a shortcut BUT not everyone is prepared to make changes to achieve that shortcut. After many years of business mentoring and coaching, I can easily identify four sure signs when a business is mentor ready.


Which of these four signs of being mentor ready can you check?

1. You're getting Business advice from a ton of places (including family and friends) but...

None of the business advice feels quite right for you or your business vision. You’re taking action, but you feel you’re having to push yourself daily because you’re just not enthused about the strategies or ideas you think you SHOULD be following. I feel you! Even after all my years in business this still happens to me. I start doing what I think I should do rather than what I intuitively know is right for me and my business. When we’re in this space, nothing works, Sister! We have become a human doing not a human being. 

It just feels so off, doesn’t it?

2. You’re an action taker and are really serious about growing your business, But...

You’re not sure what your next step needs to be exactly. You find yourself with a ton of questions but no one to ask. And it can feel so lonely sometimes!

You probably feel that if you could glean all the right information from a business mentor who has already done what you’re trying to do, you’d be on track. You’re an action taker after all, right? But how on earth do you find that business mentor? Where do you find your perfect mentor?

I have felt like this so many times in my businesses I can’t begin to tell you! And this is why I started Ruffle. Yep, Ruffle was born from my own moment exactly like this.

No matter what stage you are at in your business or which goal you are trying to kick, if you feel like you need:

  • encouragement
  • step by-step business strategy
  • the space to ask heaps of questions and 
  • the secret sauce that makes it all work

You are NOT alone!

3. There is a recurring pattern or situation you find yourself in.

It doesn’t matter whether the business problem is… lack of money, dealing with difficult people, attracting customers, finding your voice, saying No… whatever… Finding the solution is a NEED for you.

Any successful businessperson, if they’re honest, will tell you this is normal. I’m here to tell you that this is not failure, this is a sign of success. True! Because achieving success is simply a series of problem-solving. And if you’re serious about achieving your business goals – then get ready to solve one glorious problem after the other! This may sound ridiculously simple, but many people spend time on the problem itself rather than the solution. Seriously, you’d be surprised how many people stay stuck on the problem. 

Therein lies one big difference between being mentor ready or not!

4. You’ve truly, and utterly, had ENOUGH.

I hear you. I remember the time I felt like I’d totally had enough in my first business. I even wrote out all the things I’d had enough of. I was done. Frustrated. Disillusioned. And fed up, like never before. 

What I didn’t know then was that this “enough” moment to a business coach or mentor is pure GOLD. It meant I was superbly mentor ready. Whaat? Yes, it was a sign I was ready for a business mentor. Why? Because when we reach our “enough” point to this extent, we are SO ready to make change. And we are prepared to do what it takes. These days when I feel like this, I may feel uncomfortable but it doesn’t feel as bad as it used to because I know I’m at a crossroads, ready to implement change and position my business for further success.

So, Are You Business Mentor Ready?

–  Are you getting business advice but none of it feels right for you? 

–  Do you dream about growing your business but feel unsure of your exact next step?

–  Do you have lots of business questions but no-one who can effectively answer them?

–  Is finding a solution to a business problem a real need for you?

–  Do you feel like something has to change because you’ve truly and utterly had ENOUGH?


Well, I could say I’m sorry that you’re feeling so downright lost, frustrated or alone… but instead I’ll say…

Excellent my friend! 

It looks like you are ready for some business mentoring! 

Author, Karyn Lynch is Co-Founder and CEO of Ruffle Mentoring

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